Industrial and Production Engineering

To Be Assigned

Code Title Date Venue Fees Registration
I/1 Advanced Maintenance Management
I/4 Applied Production & Operation Management
I/18 BOT Projects
I/27 Building & Facility Maintenance Systems
I/22 Computer Application In Process Control
I/36 Conducting Safety Meeting
I/19 Construction Management & Bid Package Preparation
I/41 Continuous Process Improvement
I/28 Contract Administration & Management
I/37 Corrosion: Testing, Monitoring & Control
I/11 Cost Estimation & Economic Evaluation Projects
I/29 Cost Estimation In Industry
I/26 Cost Management for Engineering Projects
I/10 Engineering Materials Properties & Selection
I/34 Environmental Management System: ISO 14000
I/20 Estimating & Tendering
I/46 Heat Treatment Quality Control of Steel
I/24 Industrial Pollution Control
I/35 Instrumentation In Industry
I/30 Integrated Total project Management
I/5 Machinery Foundation & Grouting
I/3 Managing Transportation & Handling Facilities
I/23 Measurement & Process Control
I/17 Modern Maintenance Management
I/6 New Concept For Maintenance System
I/8 Noise Measurement, Analysis, Rating & Control
I/39 Non- Destructive Testing Fundamentals, Techniques & Application
I/31 Operational Planning & Management of Service & Manufacturing Operation
I/33 Practical Project Economics & Process Analysis
I/16 Process Re-engineering
I/15 Production Planning & Control
I/47 Production Planning Scheduling & Control
I/40 Productivity & Continuous Improvement
I/32 Productivity & Quality Improvement
I/14 Professional Development For Engineers & Technicians
I/2 Project Management (Advanced)
I/12 Projects Management (A System Approach to Planning, Scheduling & Controlling)
I/45 Putting Strategy into Action
I/42 Quality Assurance & Control Implementation & Standards
I/25 Quality Assurance Through ISO 9000 Registration
I/9 Reverse Engineering
I/38 Safe Working Procedures
I/13 Small & Medium Enterprises Management
I/44 The Balanced Scorecard
I/21 Trouble Shooting Process Control Loops
I/43 Value Engineering Workshop
I/7 Workshop Management

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