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ACAD Corp. provides Mechanical Engineering training courses that are delivered by our engineering professionals with high practical experience. Our Mechanical Engineering training courses enable you to develop your skills as an effective practitioner as well as your ability to interact with engineers of multiple disciplines. These Mechanical Engineering courses include various areas and topics such as Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Systems, Pump Operation & Maintenance, Machinery & Equipment Maintenance, Advanced Corrosion Technology, Ventilation Engineering and Machine Failure Analysis, Rehabilitation of Mechanical Engineers, and more. Register today and take advantage of the opportunity by staying ahead of the competition.

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Code Title Date Venue Fees Registration
M/7 Advanced Corrosion Technology
M/38 Advanced Maintenance & Safety
M/46 Advanced Process Control
M/1 Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Systems
M/29 Air Coolers & Cooling Towers
M/22 Applied Combustion Technology
M/13 Balancing of Machinery Components
M/42 Basic Machinery Vibration
M/43 Basic Process Control
M/35 Bearing: Selection, Maintenance & Failure Analysis
M/9 Boilers Operation & Maintenance
M/32 Cathodic Protection Engineering
M/49 Chemistry & Technology of Lubrications: Automotive Lubrication
M/45 Computerized Condition Monitoring
M/48 Computerized Maintenance Management Systems CMMS – Answer or a Tool?
M/37 Engineering Aspects of Unit Operation & Performance
M/21 Fired Heater
M/26 Fuel Pump & Pipe Network Maintenance
M/14 Gas & Steam Turbines (Theory & Maintenance)
M/40 Gas Turbine & Speed Tronic Control
M/16 Gas Turbines
M/33 Heat Exchangers (Design, Operation, Maintenance & Inspection)
M/27 Heavy Duty Vehicle Maintenance
M/10 Hydraulic Systems
M/44 Industrial Equipment: Compressors, Pumps, & Motors
M/50 Lubrication & their Environmental Impact
M/8 Lubrication Technology
M/17 Machine Failure Analysis
M/5 Machinery & Equipment Maintenance
M/23 Machinery Alignment
M/39 Maintenance & Operation of Rotating Machinery
M/31 Materials Inventory Management
M/15 Operation & Maintenance Of Hydraulic & Pneumatic Power Systems
M/25 Pipelines Design
M/6 Plant & Equipment Maintenance
M/30 Plant Maintenance & Trouble - Shooting Techniques
M/11 Pressure Vessels
M/2 Pump Operation & Maintenance
M/12 Pumps & Compressors: Operation & Maintenance
M/41 Pumps & Pressurized Piping Systems: Performance & Computer Selection
M/19 Rotating Equipment: Operation, Maintenance & Vibration Analysis
M/18 Steam System Efficiency Improvement
M/47 Total Productive Maintenance
M/28 Tractor Servicing & Maintenance
M/34 Valves: Operation & Maintenance
M/20 Ventilation Engineering
M/4 Vibration Analysis of Rotating Machinery
M/24 Water Network Distribution & Maintenance
M/36 Water Treatment Technology (Advanced)
M/3 Welding Engineering & Technology

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