Information Technology Security ManagementInnovative Executive Leadership iIn Contemporary OrganizationsPositive Business RelationshipsPerformance Management in Total Quality ManagementManagement Re-EngineeringSelf-Development of Administrative AssistantsSituational Leadership Strategies SkillsMethodologies to Achieve Innovative PerformanceSelf-Competency Development for ManagersHow to Convert Strategies into Internal Process Code?Liberal management and self development of managers seminarThe Correlation Between Strategy Preparation And The Balananced Score Cards SystemThe Interaction With Negative Bahavior Of Sub Ordinates And The Means Of Creating Staff LoyaltyThe Balanced Score Card Assessment ToolEmotional Intelligence And Social Communication In Modern OrganizationsStrategic Planning, Business Ratios Using The Balanced Score CardBusiness Development Approach Using Electronic Business StrategiesSecretaries Skills DevelopmentCareer Innovation Achievement And Excellence Strategy SettingStrategic Management & Achievement EvaluationManging Personal ProductivityEmployees Corporate Loyalty DevelopmentSetting Management Goals & PrioritiesReactivating Memory and Brain Planning: Mind MappingManagement Excellence Strategies and Re Engineering InnovationOrganizational Strategic Performance Development in Governmental Bodies SeminarSelf Management, Concentration Engineering and Management Innovation SeminarAdvanced Supervisory SkillsEffect of Leadership & Innovation in Organizational Change ManagementCoaching and MentoringManaging Workplace AnxietyOffice Politics for ManagersOrganizational Skills DevelopmentProfessional Manager ManagementSocial Intelligence: Improving Work-field RelationsTalent Management in WorkplaceStrategic Administrative SupportManagement Communication Improvement based on Simplification of ProceduresEffective Supervisory SkillsTotal Quality Management: ISO 9001Development of Self-Competencies & Performance ExcellencePresentation Skills & Effective CommunicationLeadership & Development of Highly Performing TeamsBusiness Effectiveness & Priorities ManagementInteraction with Management Crises & Difficult SituationsIntegrated Systems for Electronic Planning & Follow-UpImplementation Approach to Management & Electronic GovernmentPrerequisites of Management Development StrategiesElectronic Government Management ApplicationsEffective Communication SkillsManagement Excellence & Innovation SkillsPlanning, Organizing & Follow Up Skills WorkshopSupervisory Management & Behavioral SkillsInnovation Leadership & Positive ThinkingStrategic Performance Assessment & Management EfficiencyStrategic Planning & Action Plans DevelopmentCommittees, Meeting Leadership & Decision-makingLeadership Skills & Innovation SupervisionSocial Intelligence & Work Relations ImprovementSupervisory, Managerial Effectiveness Development & InnovationCommunication & Effective Interaction SkillsPublic Service Excellence & InnovationContemporary Leadership Skills & Generating Innovative IdeasStrategic Planning, Follow Up & Performance Results AssessmentDynamic Leadership & Effective CommunicationOrganizational RestructuringIntegrated Systems to Problem Solving & Innovative Decision-makingStrategic Planning & Avoidance of Management CrisesManagement Excellence Strategies & Continuous Development SkillsInnovative Approach to High PerformanceWork Pressure Management & Control of ConflictsAdvanced Management SkillsAudit, Control & Follow up Integrated SystemsLanguage & Psychology Re-Engineering (NLP)Risk Assessment & ManagementStrategic Management & Innovative ThinkingCrises Management & Innovative Decision-makingEnabling Management & Business ContinuationSelf-Management & Delegation of Authorities SkillsLean Process & Six Sigma ApproachLeadership & Innovative ManagementStrategic Planning & Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)Managers & Art of Modern ControlInteraction & Correction of Negative Sub-Ordinates BehaviorLeadership & Supervisory Skills for Engineers & Technical StaffBusiness Development with International StandardsEmpowerment, Motivating People & Leading Difficult SituationsCertified Leadership & Influence Professional®Certificate in Business Acumen®Middle Management Skills DevelopmentSimplification of Work & Performance DevelopmentCertified Marketing Professional® (CMP) - Level 1Introduction to Planning & Action Plans SettingContemporary Methods for Planning & ProgrammingContemporary Approaches to Supervision, Leadership & Performance DevelopmentArt of Contemporary Management & Emotional IntelligencePreparation of Contemporary Managers & SupervisorsContemporary Approach to Team Work LeadershipAdministrative Skills Development for Contemporary SupervisorsContemporary Executive Leadership SkillsStress Management: Confronting Crises & ConflictsCertified Middle Manager®Innovative Approach to Organization & Development MethodologiesManagement Performance Efficiency ImprovementInnovative Leadership & Team BuildingInner Power Detection & Capability of Influencing Others
Innovative Strategic Organizational StructuringTraining Management Information Technology ApplicationsMeasuring & Maximizing ROI of TrainingProfessional Meeting ManagementHuman Resources & Training Strategic PlanningLink Between Career Path Planning & TrainingHuman Resources Management Excellence & EfficiencyManpower Planning & Career PlacementRehabilitation of Modern Human Resources & Training SpecialistsRelationship Between Job Analysis & Description & Training Needs AssessmentPerformance Management & AppraisalProcess of Job Analysis & DescriptionSHRM-CP® & SHRM-SCP® Preparation ExamCertified International Professional Trainer® (CIPT) - Level 1Performance Management Strategies using TQMStrategic Training & Contemporary Human Resources DevelopmentCompetency-based Development of Training ManagersContemporary Methods for Human Resources OfficersAdvanced Methodologies for Governmental HR & Performance ManagementCompensation & Benefits Audit and ControlIntroduction to Effective Human Resources ManagementPerformance Management & Contemporary Career-Path PlanningInternational Standards of Recruitment SelectionIntegrated Training, Development Policies & ProceduresTraining Needs Assessment According to Total Quality ManagementContemporary Human Resources Management Information SystemsStrategic Directions of HR Management in Contemporary OrganizationsMethodologies of Career DevelopmentExcellence Skills for Administrative Affairs OfficersLegal Aspects of Human Resources ManagementExcellence Map for Training & Development ManagersPerformance Appraisal of Subordinates for Training Gaps DeterminationOrganizational Charts Development to Cope with International ChangesJob Descriptions, Evaluation & Career-Path PlanningTraining Needs Assessment based on Performance RatingDevelopment of Human Resources Records, Archiving & Retrieval SystemsModern Training Strategies & Preparation of Training PlansTransformational Training & Contemporary Job ReplacementStrategic Approach to Human Resources ManagementDeveloping Human Resources Policies & ProceduresSalary & Benefits Scales EvaluationHuman Resources Management & Career DevelopmentImplementation Approach of Training Needs PlanningPerformance Assessment & Career-Path PlanningPayroll Structure & IncentivesDevelopment of Merits in Human Resources SystemsAdministrative Skills Development of Training OfficersHuman Resources Management Information SystemsTraining Needs Analysis & Evaluation of Training Return on InvestmentPreparation & Analysis of Training Plans - TNAHuman Resources Risk ManagementVital Role of Salary Scale & Job EvaluationAppreciative InquiryBusiness Succession PlanningEmployee Empowerment and Motivation: Leading Difficult SituationsDevelopment of Job Search SkillsEmployee OnboardingEntrepreneurship Development ProgramKnowledge ManagementProfessional Hiring Strategies: Recruiting and SelectingTraining of Trainers (TOT)Effective Negotiation Skills
Anti-Money LaundryFinancial Strategic Planning for Projects Using ComputersFinancial Audit in Electronic GovernmentsCost Accounting Information Systems DevelopmentAdvanced Strategies in Analyzing Financial StatementsInformation Technology Cash Flow PreparationFinance for Non-Financial StaffStatistical Analysis of Financial Ratios Using It PackagesContracting Cost AccountingFinancial Audit Through Information TechnologyThe Relative Implementation Problems of Letters of CreditStrategic Financial Management In Support of Competitive Edge of OrganizationsBad Debts ManagementAccounting And Financials Skills Development In Electronic GovernmentsFinancial Planning And Budget Forecast In Electronic GovernmentModern Techniques For Financial And Control Planning Over Stores And PurchasesThe Trasformation From Cash To Merit BaseFinancial Planning, according to Total Quality ManagementFinancial Planning and Budget Forecast using Information TechnologyModern Methodologies of Audit & Financial ControlFinancial Accountability & Performance ManagementProfit & Cash Flow PlanningDesign & Use of Financial ReportingAudit & Financial Control Test AnalysisFinancial & Administrative Audit SkillsSkills of Reading Financial Ratios & StatementsInternal Audit StandardsGovernmental Accounting , Audit & Financial ReportingFinancial Methodologies, Control & Performance AssessmentFinancial Control Standards in Electronic GovernmentsAdvanced Strategies to Develop Accountants & Auditors’ Performance based on International StandardsFinancial Analysis & Decision MakingAccounting in Gas & Oil CompaniesAudit Management & Organization Performance AssessmentAdvanced Finance & AccountingFinance for Non-Financial ManagersBusiness Planning & Financial ControlModern Accounting & Book KeepingModern Finance & Budget Planning ForecastFinancial Planning & Budget PreparationModern Approaches to Financial ForecastingCost Accounting & Expenditure RationalizationFinancial Methodologies to Cost & Expense RationalizationModern Methods of Financial Analysis & Investment Decision-makingEffective Management of Financial SectorsManaging Financial CrisisStatistical Analysis of Financial Ratios Using Eviews PackageHow to Prepare an Efficient Internal Auditor?Modern Strategies to Rationalize Expenses & Minimize CostFinancial Analysis in Governmental SectorsCost Accounting & Accounts ObservationStatistical Methodologies in Governmental Accounting based on IIMFQuality Cost ControlPreparation, Analysis and Evaluation of Public Budget and Financial ReportingInternational Standards of Presenting Balance Sheets
Integrated Project Management Using ITPMProduction Planning and Control Using High TechPlanning and Organizing Skills for Engineers and TechniciansProjects Feasibility Studies Using ComputersTransportation Logistics Integrated ProgramsManagement Strategies for Maintenance ProcessesOperation and Maintenance of Water Purification StationsSupervision of Construction SitesRehabilitation of Mechanical EngineersWater Treatment EngineeringModern Developments of Project Management, Construction Planning and EvaluationStrategic Planning for Needs AssessmentConstruction Project Management and ExecutionHealth and Environment Safety International StandardsStatistical Control of Production Quality (Minitab)Production Supervisory And Leadership SkillsEnvironment Management In Light of International Standard ISO 14001 : 2004Production Quality Improvement ApplicationsInnovation and Development in Production Management and Quality ControlIndustrial Relationships and The Enhancement of MomentumLeadership and Innovative Supervisory SkillsManagement Maintenance Processes in Production & Service OrganizationsManagement & Leadership Skills for Engineers and TechniciansProduction Planning in Light of International StandardsDesign and Maintenance of Sanitary Drainage NetworkSmall and Medium Size Project ManagementProduction Processes PlanningDesign of Maintenance Management SystemsModern Approaches to Production Total Quality ManagementWater Treatment Plant OperationPreventive Maintenance for BuildingsFeasibility Studies and Project ValuationOrganization and Management of Transport ActivitiesMaintenance Planning and Scheduling Using ComputersEnvironment Management in Petroleum AreasInformation Technology in Production ControlTransportation Activities Planning and Modern Maintenance MethodologiesMeasuring and Improvement Of Project EfficiencyConstruction Project ManagementTotal Production Maintenance for Projects And UtilitiesModern Approaches to Environment Management And Protection ISO 14000Project Management and Control MethodologiesPollution and Environment InspectionModern Methodologies for Project ManagementModern Maintenance and Contract ManagementProject Management Professional® (PMP) Exam Prep.
Development of Vocational Safety Specialists SkillsSecurity Risk Prevention In Industrial OrganizationsBehavioral Skills of Security OfficersEstablishments Fire Fighting StrategiesModern Methodologies to Detect And Interact with ExplosivesModern Approaches to Hospitals and Medical Centers ManagementThe Skills of Interacting with Explosives and DecoysControlling Industrial LossesIndustrial Safety PrecautionsModern Methodologies to Implement Safety in Work SitesThe International Standard For health and Vocational Safety (OHSAS 18001, 1999)Internal Audit over Health and Vocational Safety Systems (OHSAS 18001,1999)Security of Petroleum PlatformsEnvironmental Planning and Pollution ControlIndustrial Safety Management and Vocational SafetyEffective Security InterrogationsDevelopment of Social Services In Industrial OrganizationsEnvironmental Management in Petroleum AreasIndustrial Safety Officers & Patrols Supervisors Capabilities DevelopmentPorts & Airports Security Against TerrorismSecurity Divisions Performance ImprovementFire Fighting & Fire Prevention MethodologiesPetroleum Fires Precautions & FightingSecurity Prediction PlanningSecurity Guarding Systems for OrganizationsSafety of Handling MaterialsFood SafetyFirst AidsSecurity Engineering to Protect Vital Buildings from TerrorismFire Fighting Technologies & SystemsIndustrial Safety & Fire FightingSecurity Planning for Industrial Establishments (Insurance Against Disasters)Modern Approaches to Confront High Tech Weapons & ExplosivesSafety and Security of Materials Transportation & WarehousingWarehousing & Stores Protection Against FireTerrorism & Sabotage FightingCrises, Risk & Disasters ManagementModern Approaches to Environment Management & Protection ISO 14000Mechanisms of Managing Central Operations Room during Crises
Lawful Crises Management in Arab OrganizationsModern Approaches to Law Inspection and InterrogationDisciplinary Actions and DecisionsDevelopment of Legal Affaires Specialists SkillsLaw for Non Law ProfessionalsThe Basics of Defense In The Court of Law and Drafting Law MemorandumsPublic Positions Legal Conflicts AnalysisThe Skills of Drafting and Signing International ContractsMethodologies of Writing, Translating, and Drafting Legislations and ContractsInternational Contracts Management SkillsDrafting Internal Procedures and ResolutionsThe Legal Aspects in ManagementInternational Arbitration in Conformity with Local and International LegislationsIntellectual Ownership and Electronic CommerceLeasing and Operating Finance ContractsLegislative Issues Resulting from Bank Guaranties ContractsThe Role of Law Consultants In International ContractsThe Legal Aspects of Electronic TransactionsThe Legal Aspects of Purchasing ContractsLegal Rules for Credential DocumentsModern Approaches to Commercial ContractsThe Legal Aspects of Administration Contracts and Public BidsTerms And Conditions of Insurance Contracts and Conflict ArbitrationModern Approaches to Commercial Forgery and Effecting FinesLocal and International Legislations In Connection with International StandardsInternational Interrogation In Light Of International LegislationsTransactions Of Customs, Insurance and Maritime TransportationEngineering Contract Preparation SkillsInternational Participation Contracts in Light of FIDICContracts Managements Skills And Negotiation StrategeisHow to be a Law Professional?Administrative and Judical Appeals committees of jurisdictionMinutes Preparation of legal committees
Primavera Project Management (Entry Level)Primavera Project Management (Secondary Level)Hacker Techniques & Methods of ConfrontationInformation Networks Establishment by Modern TechniquesInformation technology infrastructure library (ITIL) - (Entry Level)Risk of Penetration of Networks and Counter-measureSafe Handling of Computer Networks and the InternetInformation technology infrastructure library (ITIL) - (Advance Level)Use of statistical Methods & Analysis Software (SPSS)International Computer Driving License (ICDL)Encrypting Networks for Confidential and High PerformanceNetwork Topologies ComputerVPN Connecting Network Through the Internet Using VPNApplying computer Network Using OSIAddressing Network Using TCP/IP And The Advance Using of Subnet maskMicrosoft ProjectDatabases Management in administrative system by SQL Server AdministrationSQL Server Database DevelopmentPreliminary Techniques in Dealing with Data using the Rules of Oracle.Effective Methods of Control Programmers & Record Network PerformanceProtect and Securing Computer ServersSix way for Safe and Securing Network Connection (segment)Implementing of Network InfrastructureImplementing , Managing and Maintaining of Network Infrastructure ServicesPhotoshop designCyber Security Project ManagementPlanning for SharePoint OnlineProject Management Using MS ProjectExcel Advanced TrainingAdvanced Excel for HRMicrosoft Word TrainingMicrosoft Outlook TrainingExcel Essential TrainingProgramming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3Developing ASP.NET MVC 4 Web ApplicationsPowerPoint Essential TrainingInstallation, Storage, and Compute with Windows Server 2016: 20740ANetworking with Windows Server 2016: 20741AIdentity with Windows Server 2016: 20742ACCNP (Cisco Network Professional)Information Technology TechniquesA +Security +CCNA (Cisco Network Associate)Managing office 365 - Identities & Requirements (Preparation Exam 70 - 346)Enabling and Managing Office 365 - Preparation Exam 70-347Exchange Online Across Devices (Office 365)
Machinery & Equipment MaintenancePlant & Equipment MaintenanceAdvanced Corrosion TechnologyLubrication TechnologyBoilers Operation & MaintenanceHydraulic SystemsPressure VesselsPumps & Compressors: Operation & MaintenanceBalancing Of Machinery ComponentsGas & Steam Turbines (Theory & Maintenance)Operation & Maintenance Of Hydraulic & Pneumatic Power SystemsGas TurbinesMachine Failure AnalysisSteam System Efficiency ImprovementRotating Equipment: Operation, Maintenance & Vibration AnalysisVentilation EngineeringFired HeaterApplied Combustion TechnologyMachinery AlignmentWater Network Distribution & MaintenancePipelines DesignFuel Pump & Pipe Network MaintenanceHeavy Duty Vehicle MaintenanceTractor Servicing & MaintenanceAir Coolers & Cooling TowersPlant Maintenance & Trouble - Shooting TechniquesMaterials Inventory ManagementCathodic Protection EngineeringHeat Exchangers (Design, Operation, Maintenance & Inspection)Valves: Operation & MaintenanceBearing: Selection, Maintenance & Failure AnalysisWater Treatment Technology (Advanced)Engineering Aspects of Unit Operation & PerformanceAdvanced Maintenance & SafetyMaintenance & Operation of Rotating MachineryGas Turbine & Speed tronic ControlPumps & Pressurized Piping Systems: Performance, Computer SelectionBasic Machinery VibrationBasic Process ControlIndustrial Equipment: (Compressors, Pumps & Motors)Computerized Condition MonitoringAdvanced Process ControlTotal Productive MaintenanceComputerized Maintenance Management Systems CMMS – Answer or a Tool?Chemistry & Technology of Lubrications: Automotive LubricationLubrication & their Environmental ImpactAir Conditioning & Refrigeration SystemsPump Operation & MaintenanceWelding Engineering & TechnologyVibration Analysis of Rotating Machinery
Generation Of Electrical PowerElectrical Power Systems TroubleshootingElectric MotorsTelephone NetworksSwitches: (Test, Inspection, Maintenance & Installations)Electrical Power Distribution SystemsOptical Fiber TelecommunicationsHigh-Voltage Circuit Breakers Theory, Design & ApplicationsPower System Study Using Neuro-Fuzzy TechniquesUnderground Power Cables (Technology, Design & Analysis)Quality Analysis Of Electric Power SystemsSCADA (Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition With Application)Condition Monitoring Of Electrical MachinesElectrical Distribution Network DesignGenerators & Effect Of Sudden LoadingQuality & Security Of Electric Power Delivery SystemsEnergy Management System (EMS)Active & Reactive Power Balance & SharingReading Engineering DrawingPower Factor ImprovementHazards From Electrical InstallationsPower Cables (Design, Testing, Location & Jointing Techniques)Electric Circuits & Trouble ShootingElectrical & Electronic InstrumentsComputer Control System & InstrumentationPower Generation EquipmentsElectrical Networks Protection & CoordinationFault Analysis In Utilities & Industries Electrical NetworksSystem Earthing & Protective EarthingHigh Efficiency Lighting SystemsCommunication NetworksElectrical Installations In Residential Building, Hospitals & FactoriesFundamental of Electricity for Non- Electricity33, 69 KV Cable Joining and TerminationTests: Fault Location for 33KV, 9KV CablesEarthing and Bonding for 33KV, 9KV CablesElectrical Protection & CoordinationSafety Grounding & Power Plant SafetyElectrical SafetyElectrical InstallationMeasuring Instruments: Monitoring & CalibrationReactive Power Management & Power Factor ImprovementPower Transformers - Design, Manufacture, Testing, Operation & MaintenancePower Quality & System HarmonicsPreventive & Productive Maintenance for Overhead LinesDistribution System Planning in Electrical NetworkTransformer & Generator: Protection, Testing & MaintenanceIntroduction to the Safe Operation of High Voltage Power SystemsAwareness of the Operation of High Voltage Power SystemsBasic Refresher Training in the Safe Operation of High Voltage PowerFundamentals of the Safe Operation of High Voltage Power SystemsAdvanced Refresher (Consolidation) Training in the Safe Operation of High Voltage Power SystemsSafe Operation Review & Competence AssessmentFundamentals of the Safe Operation of Marine Offshore High Voltage Power SystemsPrinciples of the Safe Operation of Marine Offshore High Voltage Power SystemsControl & Management of Offshore & Marine High Voltage Power SystemsBasic Principles of the Maintenance of Electrical SwitchgearProtection of Electrical Power SystemsAppreciation of the Protection of Electrical PowerElectrical Pressure TestingEarth Electrode TestingTransformer Testing and MaintenanceCable Identification SpikingLive Testing on Systems up to 1000 Volts ACLive Testing on AC &DC Systems up to 1000V AC 1500V DCLow Voltage Authorized Person TrainingManagement of Electrical Equipment MaintenanceInspection & Testing of Electrical EquipmentSafe Use of Electrical Equipment in Hazardous AreasAwareness of Electrical Equipment in Hazardous AreasBasic ElectricityElectrical Safety AwarenessIndustrial Electrical Plant MaintenanceElectrical for Non-ElectricalIntroduction to Electrical Power EngineeringIntroduction to the Safe Operation of Marine & Offshore High Voltage Power SystemsPractical Introduction to the Safe Operation of High and Low Voltage SwitchgearFault Analysis in Electrical NetworkEnergy Saving & Power Factor ImprovementCircuit Protection & Communication (O/H Line)
Advanced Maintenance ManagementProject Management (Advanced)Applied Production & Operation ManagementMachinery Foundation & GroutingNew Concept For Maintenance SystemWorkshop ManagementNoise Measurement, Analysis, Rating & ControlReverse EngineeringEngineering Materials Properties & SelectionCost Estimation & Economic Evaluation ProjectsProjects Management (A System Approach to Planning, Scheduling & Controlling)Small & Medium Enterprises ManagementProfessional Development For Engineers & TechniciansProduction Planning & ControlProcess Re-engineeringModern Maintenance ManagementBOT ProjectsConstruction Management & Bid Package PreparationEstimating & TenderingTrouble Shooting Process Control LoopsComputer Application In Process ControlMeasurement & Process ControlIndustrial Pollution ControlQuality Assurance Through ISO 9000 RegistrationCost Management for Engineering ProjectsBuilding & Facility Maintenance SystemsContract Administration & ManagementCost Estimation In IndustryIntegrated Total project ManagementOperational Planning & Management of Service & Manufacturing OperationProductivity & Quality ImprovementPractical Project Economics & Process AnalysisInstrumentation In IndustryConducting Safety MeetingCorrosion: Testing, Monitoring & ControlSafe Working ProceduresNon- Destructive Testing Fundamentals, Techniques & ApplicationProductivity & Continuous ImprovementContinuous Process ImprovementQuality Assurance & Control Implementation & StandardsValue Engineering WorkshopThe Balanced ScorecardPutting Strategy into ActionHeat Treatment Quality Control of SteelProduction Planning Scheduling & ControlEnvironmental Management System: ISO 14000Managing Transportation & Handling Facilities
Pipes & Piping TechnologyGas CompressorsHeat Exchangers & Cooling TowersUnderground Storage TanksFlowing WellsOil-Field ElectricityWell PumpingCommon Refinery & Oil Field PumpsHorizontal Well TechnologyCrude Oil ProcessingWater InjectionSelection Of Drilling, Completion And Work over FluidsOil Well StimulationDrilling TechnologyBasic Oil IndustryWork Over Well ControlFilters & FiltrationOil FilterGas LiftValves In Oil IndustryMaterial Selection & InspectionWire line OperationHydrocarbon Gases Dehydration Using Triathlon GlycolLNG & NGL Plant Concepts Of OverviewBasic Well Testing & ControlNew Oil From Old WellsSafety In Petroleum OperationFire Preventive & Emergency ControlCorrosion Control in Oil & Gas IndustryElectronic Circuits & Trouble ShootingEnergy ConservationSwitching Fuels From Liquid To Natural GasesAnalysis & Evaluation Of Chemical & Petrochemical IndustriesProperties Of Liquids & GasesBasics Petroleum EconomicsWaste Water Treatment In Oil Fields & Petrochemical PlantsSampling Systems & Analytical InstrumentsCorrosion Protection Methods (Cathodic Protection & Coating)Facilities IntegrationLoss Prevention in Petroleum IndustriesProcess Troubleshooting In Petroleum RefineriesPressure ValvesSafety Relief ValvesFire Protection & Emergency Control In Petroleum InstallationsFundamental of Crude Oil DistillationAdvanced Crude Oil DistillationPetroleum Measurement & Storage TanksNatural Gas Dehydration & SweeteningLube Oil Manufacturing ProcessingEnvironmental Pollution Control In Petroleum RefineriesStationary Equipment of Crude Oil PlantsPipeline Design and Transportation OperationFundamental of Thermal and Catalytic Petroleum Conversion ProcessesNatural Gas Dehydration and SweeteningPetroleum Measurement & Storage TanksSurface Facilities for water flooding and salt water disposalHeavy Hydrocarbon deposits In Surface and Subsurface Facilities: Problems and SolutionsProduction Optimization - Using NODAL Analysis ApproachBasic Petroleum EconomicsPetroleum Risks and Decision AnalysisGas Processing Design and OperationCrude oil emulsion: Problems and SolutionsFundamental of production TechnologySurface Treatment for Crude Oil and WaterEconomic Evaluation of the Petroleum ProjectsApplied Statistics for EngineersFundamentals of The Drilling Fluids TheologyMetering System & Selection - HydrocarbonIntroduction to Oil & GasPetroleum Business Cash Flow TechniquesProduction Optimization Using System AnalysisWell Test AnalysisAdvanced reservoir simulationMethods and Techniques for Crude Oil EvaluationWaste ManagementMiscellaneous Petroleum Additives: Types, Function & Evaluation
Productivity Management in Light of Total Quality ManagementQuality Management Systems ISO 9001- 2015Purchasing and Warehousing Total Quality ManagementTotal Quality Management ApplicationsLaboratories Quality Management ISO 17025Team Management and Quality Workshops BuildingOffice Management and Modern Secretarial Quality WorkTraining Activities in Accordance with ISO 10015Customer Satisfaction Strategy in Light of ISO 10002/2014Preparation of Internal Auditors of Environment, Health and Vocational Safty in Compliance with ISO 19011Innovation and Development in Production Management and Quality ControlSix Sigma Application in Business Quality ManagementContemporary Methods of Quality and Productivity ManagementSix Sigma Approach to Hospitals Performance Management and Quality DevelopmentFinancial Planning in Light of Total Quality ManagementStatistical Control Over Production Using Minitab ProgramHuman Resources Role in Total Quality approachModern Approaches to Security and Safty and Food Quality Control at Production LocationsTraining Needs Assessment in Accordance with Total Quality ManagementQuality and Productivity ImprovmentSix Sigma Applications to Quality and Performance DevelopmentMeasuring Organizational Performance Quality According to International Quality StandardsInformation Technology Management and Security StandardsMedical Laboratories Quality ManagementApplication of Quality Management and Control in Health and Food IndustriesEnvironment Management Approach ISO 14001Health and Vocational Safty System OHSAS 18001Food Safty Management System ISO 22000 : 2005Warehousing Audit in Accordance with Total Quality

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