Administrative Efficiency Development of Office Managers


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Course Objectives

  • Enhance productivity and increase work performance level by using developed administrative methods
  • Develop the required skills to manage work electronically
  • Let participants know the modern used systems in management
  • Increase the effectiveness of managers in using technology to serve their administrative and clerical activities

Course Modules

Module 1: Concept of Advanced Management

  • Introduction to information technology and its tools
  • Information technology and its effect on management
  • Electronic management
  • Application stages of the electronic management
  • Introduction to the electronic government
  • Types of electronic service and methods of dealing 

Module 2: Time Management Skills

  • Importance and inevitability of work time planning and management
  • Required skills to time planning and self-management
  • Training lab for participants to prepare scenarios and planning models and time management from work realty
  • Some of the international methods for time management to overcome daily pressures and employee time wasting

Module 3: Meetings and Effective Organizing Methods

  • Meetings its concept, types and organizing methods
  • Meeting organization skills and following-up its implementation electronically
  • Work recording and its follow-up
  • Future skills in office management and work
  • Preparation and writing skills of reports and admin correspondences

Module 4: Writing Skills of Reports and Managerial Correspondences

  • Reports its concepts and types and methods
  • Skills of reports and its record

Module 5: Skills of Managing Office Customers Electronically

  • Managing customers electronically concepts and methods
  • Skills and application of electronic correspondences
  • Email address and application of the electronic fax
  • Skills of tasks arrangements, its scheduling and its electronic follow-up

Module 6: Relation Management in and outside Corporation's Structure

  • Qualifications of the special service provider
  • Communication and the mutual relations between the service provider and audience
  • Communication concept, elements and its objectives
  • Mutual relation between humans according to how to see oneself and how others see them
  • Communicative skills and its use in relations and work

Target Audience

  • Office managers and workers in admin and secretary at all its different levels
  • Public relation and employees affairs who are working in both the public and private corporation sectors
  • Governmental bodies'' employees who are involved in applying the electronic government and administrative development  

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