Administrative Skills Development of Training Officers


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Course Objectives
  • Review introduction to information systems and the definition of certain terms used and its importance in various fields
  • Study and discussion of the concepts and mechanisms centers and training departments in the light of modern technologies for information systems
  • Identify the different areas of information systems in the field of training
  • Give participants the opportunity to acquire the development control and monitor the training process as a whole through various examples and applications with exposure to all that is new in the field of distance and e-learning trainings

 Course Modules
Module 1: General Introduction to Information Systems
  • What are information systems?
  • What is the difference between data and information?
  • What are information systems divisions?
  • Most important terms used in the field of information technology
  • Importance of information systems in various fields
  • Importance of automating business and use of modern technologies in the departments training centers
Module 2: New Vision for Training Process Management and Training Centers
  • Concept and mechanism of management training centers
  • Information technology center and its relationship to the training facility management
  • Concept of strategic management for training centers and its relationship to information technology systems
  • Concept of training centers Information Systems
Module 3: Different Areas of Information Systems Training
  • Management training centers
  • Develop training plan and follow-up electronically
  • Development of scientific material
  • Technical development for coaches and needs to do so
  • Electronic evaluation of the performance-training center
  • Evaluation of the trainees
  • Pre-session
  • During the session
  • After the session
  • Technological development of the educational process and study
  • Use of information systems for the management of expenses and revenues and budgets for training centers
Module 4: Main Pillars of the Information Systems Training Centers
  • Factors taken into consideration when selecting training methods
  • Components of the training centers Information Systems
  • Electronic tools provided by the program to increase the interaction between the trainees
  • Audit importance of training management systems in the application of quality systems standards
  • Use of information technology to evaluate training courses and develop criteria for efficiency electronically
  • Relationship between the automated system for the management of training and statistical systems to facilitate decision-making 
Module 5: Data Analysis Methods through Modern Technological Systems
  • Strategic role for management training in the activation of the human element contribution
  • Electronic archiving of documents and files and its relationship to databases
  • Uses information systems in management courses and technical articles
  • Education, training and skills development and capacity remote workers using information technology
  • E-learning
  • What is the electronic training?
  • Difference between the ordinary (classroom-based) training and self-training
  • Requirements for implementation
  • Relationship between e-learning and distance training
  • Use e-mail messages to strengthen the educational process
  • Mass education through Internet
Module 6: Training Features based on the Use of Modern Technologies for Information Systems
  • Display model for the design of databases to manage training
  • Relationship between the automated system for management of training and information systems management security ISMS
  • Relationship between the automated system for the management of training and quality systems for information security ISO2700
  • Definition of Integrated Quality Training Systems
  • Comprehensive review and a general discussion on the theme of the electronic training

 Target Audience
Specialists in the fields of training and development, human resources and information technology

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