Advanced Management Skills


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Course Objectives
  • Enable participants to acquire a range of potential and key orientations in managerial excellence, according to the integrated system of modern management jobs, which keep pace with the frequent changes
  • Interact with future events and dealing efficiently professionally with technology development, and modern management techniques and to let their establishment reach high excellence scopes 

Course Modules
Module 1: Modern Management Objectives
  • Fundamentals of management excellence
  • Economic, political, social, cultural and technological realities
  • What is the excellent management?
  • What is the excellent leadership?
  • Features and properties of excellent management
  • An example for excellent management and global experience
  • Excellent management mechanisms
  • Excellent manager features
 Module 2: Basic Orientations of the Excellent Manager
  • Future and strategic orientation.
  • Marketing and information orientation
  • Humanitarian and global orientation
  • TQM Orientation
  • Technology Orientation
  • Development and change orientation
  • High achievement orientation
 Module 3: Excellent Management Functions
  • Strategic Planning
  • Re-engineering marketing and productivity
  • Rotation of human resources
  • Redesigning and assuring competitive advantage
  • Redesigning connections according to surrounding status
  • Assuring self- capabilities in development and innovation
 Module 4: Basic Devices in Managing with Excellence
  • Continuous performance enhancement
  • Re-engineering
  • Strategic Planning
  • Measuring to the best pattern
  • Total Quality Management
  • Create effective work teams
 Module 5: Global Experiences of Managing with Excellence
  • Total Quality Management
  • Create effective work teams
  • Case Studies

Target Audience
All managers in different administrative levels and leaderships of the different organizations concerned with development, change, plans and future policies

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