Advanced Methodologies for Governmental HR & Performance Management


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Course Objectives
  • Let participants acquire a good knowledge of the principals and objectives of performance appraisal
  • Get provided with good knowledge of the different ways of performance evaluation and potentials estimation
  • Full familiarity with the right system elements of performance appraisal in order to increase performance level, develop the employee efficiency, estimating the latent potentials and awarding merits
  • Training on performance appraisal basis and the methods of advice and guidance in that area

Course Modules
Module 1: Concept and Objectives of Performance and Management
  • Principals of performance evaluation
  • Potentials estimation
  • Identifying performance appraisal systems
  • Obligatory choice
Module 2: Performance Appraisal Problems and Solutions
  • Elements of the performance appraisal system
  • Evaluate the employee competency
  • Award the merits
Module 3: Key Considerations for Performance Appraisal to Increase Merit
  • Basic factors to estimate the employee potentials
  • Instructions of performance appraisal basics in a fair and harmonic way
  • Basics of the performance appraisal interviews
  • Advising and guiding to increase performance
Module 4: Results Analysis to Achieve Performance Appraisal Goals to Estimate Potentials
  • Evaluate performance and identifying work path
  • How to handle the performance problems
  • Indicate the performance problems
  • Training in order to enhance performance
  • Case studies and practical trainings

Target Audience
  • Senior supervisors and the middle management and executive's staff
  • HR staff and all who are working in performance appraisal systems and estimating potentials

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