Appreciative Inquiry


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About the Course

Appreciative inquiry highlights on exerting the utmost in participants and their ability to navigate its function in their work and day-to-day life. Through appreciative inquiry, an employer practices the art of asking questions and sharing opinions in order to assist and strengthen the system as a whole, creating a more positive environment and heightening employee potential. This training program is designed to focus less on negativity and criticism, and utilize personal design and encourage discovery.

 Course Objectives

  • Know the meaning of appreciative inquiry
  • Think in positive terms and avoid thinking negatively
  • Encourage others to think positively
  • Recognize positive attributes in people
  • Create positive imagery
  • Manage and guide employees in a positive environment

Course Modules

Module 1 Introducing Appreciative Inquiry

Module 2 Changing the Way You Think

Module 3 Four D Model

Module 4 Four I Model

Module 5 Appreciative Inquiry Interview Style

Module 6 Anticipatory Reality

Module 7 The Power of Positive Imagery

Module 8 Providing Influencing Change Through Appreciative Inquiry

Module 9 Coaching and Managing With Appreciative Inquiry

Module 10 Creating a Positive Core 

Target Audience

This course is designed for the following target audience:

  • Persons new to the field of human resource management
  • Aspiring human resource professionals
  • Persons who are in supervisory positions and others who have their own businesses

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