Business Effectiveness & Priorities Management


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Course Objectives
  • Improve productivity and raise the level of functionality using the most advanced methods of administrative work
  • Develop the skills needed to manage business electronically
  • Familiarize participants with the modern systems used in management
  • Increase the effectiveness of admins use technology to serve their administrative and office
  • Increase the capacity of participants in practice and application of modern technologies
  • Refinement of modern technical skills to office managers and secretaries
  • Familiarize participants with the programs and private conservation tools and electronic archive
  • Developing time management skills and organization of work 

Course Modules
Module 1: Concept of Modern Management and its objectives and be applied
  • Introduction to Information Technology and its impact on management
  • Basics of e-government
  • Concept and phases of application of e-governance
  • Introduction to e-government
  • Types of electronic services and ways of dealing with it
Module 2: Time Management Skills
  • Importance and inevitability of planning and work time management
  • Skills necessary for planning time and self-management
  • A training lab for participants to prepare scenarios and models of planning and time management of the reality of work
 Module 3: Effective Meetings and Methods of Organizing
  • Meetings and its concept and organization types and methods
  • Organizing meetings and organizing and following up the implementation electronically skills
  • Codification of business and follow-up
  • Future skills in office management and business
  • Prepare and report writing skills and administrative messages
Module 4: Reporting Skills and Administrative Correspondence
  • Reporting and its concept and the types and methods
  • Reports and audited skills
 Module 5: Offices Clients Electronically Management Skills (Process) Application
  • Customer management electronically concept and methods
  • Skills and e-mail applications
  • E-mail and fax mail applications
  • Organization and scheduling tasks and follow-up skills electronically
  • Case study
 Module 6: management of relations within the framework of institutions and abroad
  • Specification outstanding service provider
  • The principles of public relations
  • Contact and reciprocal relations between the service provider and the public
  • The concept and elements of communication and objectives
  • Reciprocal relations among human beings according to the vision of self and others see them
  • Resolvability and skills used in relationships and work
  • Open discussion

Target Audience
  • Governmental departments concerned with the application of e-government and administrative and management development
  • Office managers and workers in the field of management and different internal levels
  • Public relations and affairs of workers in the public and private institutions of staff
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