Competitors Assessment Methodologies


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Course Objectives
  • Provide participants with tools, required skills for strength and weakness points analysis of competitors
  • Enable participants of using the developing methods in analyzing of market, competitors, competitive products and development possibilities in the future
  • Deepening participants a capability in imagining of polices and suitable strategies to increase their company efficacy and effectiveness in competition 

Course Modules
Module 1: Analysis of Market and Competition
  • Markets partitions into sectors and identification of markets and identify the most attracting market
  • Analysis of needs in target market
  • Costumer analysis in target markets
  • Competition analysis and the effecting power on it  
  Module 2: Comparative Analysis of Competitive Companies at Target Market
  • General analysis of current situation and positioning
  • Business size
  • Management and production
  • Purchasing capacity
  • Manpower
  • Financial Potentials
  • Research and development
  • Analysis of position, and market share
  • Strategies analysis and competition methods
 Module 3: Competitors’ Product Analysis within the Target Market
  • Identify product positioning in the market: Consumers needs and desires of satisfaction
  • Analysis of the current and future request, according to consumers behaviors and their financial abilities
  • Analysis of product life cycle
  • Information sources:
    • Information sources about positions, strategies, and policies of competitors
    • Information sources about costumers
  • Information sources of products
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