Contemporary Executive Leadership Skills


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Course Objectives
  • Developing leadership and behavioral executive managers skills and deepen their management and leadership concepts, and increase their capacity to assume their managerial and leadership responsibilities competently and efficiently
  • Defining for managers the excellence fundamentals of effective administrative leader in his work and the individual behavior
  • Refining participants skills to utilize teamwork strategies, feedback and dealing with managerial situations and leadership effectiveness at work

Course Modules
Module 1: Who is the Executive Manager?
  • Theories of executive leadership
  • Executive manager work spirit
    Local and global environmental variables and their impact on management
  • Comprehensive perspective of management process within the modern management framework of concepts and trends
  • Follow-up and control on business results and performance evaluation and preparing competency reports
Module 2: Diagnosing and Analyzing Problem-Solving and Decision-Making
  • Development, change and resistance to change strategies
  • Prepare and write reports
  • Behavioral aspects of managerial work
  • Motivation, stimulation, communication and managerial leadership
 Module 3: Psychological and Social Characteristics of an Executive Manager
  • Group dynamics and teamwork skills and managing struggle
  • Time, meetings and Teamwork management
  • Modern management technology, designing and developing managerial information systems to support management
  • Developing managerial work methods by using approach of managing through objectives
  • Developing financial and accounting skills of the Executive Director
 Module 4: Reasons for Poor Effectiveness of Executives
  • Subordinates interests conflict
  • Rules imposed on the executive director
  • Subordinates patterns and negative
  • Information received by the executive manager
  • Standards of executive manager leadership efficiency

Target Audience

Head of departments and who are at their level of industrial and commercial and service organization, and who are in charge of decision-making in their work areas
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