Contemporary Approaches to Supervision, Leadership & Performance Development


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Course Objectives
  • Developing key, essential supervisory skills to enhance performance and carry out work efficiently and effectively
  • Provide participants with the necessary technical, behavioral and managerial skills to take over supervisory and leadership posts to polish their skills to be promoted to higher managerial positions
Course Modules
Module 1: Basic Concepts of Supervision Spirit in Business Organizations
  • Basic supervision duties in business organizations
  • Determination of action programs
  • Identify needs
  • Determine the boarder time
  • Work allocation to individuals
Module 2: Supervisor Role in Following-up and Evaluating Performance
  • Scientific concept of performance estimation
  • Methods of evaluating executive’s performance
  • Problems analysis of performance evaluation
  • Different utilities of assessing performance
Module 3: Supervisor Role in Identifying Motives and Orientations
  • Concept of motives, needs and orientations
  • Relationship between motives and needs
  • Measuring work motives and orientations
  • Techniques of enhancing positive implementers orientations
 Module 4: Different Types of Supervision and Leadership in Business Organizations
  • Management skills to achieve effective communication
  • Obstacles and backups
  • Effective management of working groups
  • Guidance
Module 5: Development of individuals
  • Enriching the supervisor innovative & creativity skills
  • Authority delegation Skills and effective delegation requirements
  • Managing change and the supervisor role in making change
  • Open discussion

Target Audience

Occupants of supervisory posts and nominees of administrative units and departments'' heads in various organizations

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