Contemporary Leadership Skills & Generating Innovative Ideas


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Course Objectives

  • Identify the significant global trends in modern management and their requirements
  • Identify the most important requirements and skills of effective administrative leader in modern times
  • Improve ability to understand the motivations of human behavior and
  • Stimulate the talent of innovation and creativity and change as a mean to achieve excellence
  • Participants acquire leadership modern skills with paving the way to the creative and innovative leadership
  • Methods of developing the traditional patterns in analyzing the managerial problems and decisions making
  • Assist them on how to generate innovative ideas of the modern leader decisions through oneself and teamwork
  • Developing leaders ideas in interpreting the innovative ideas into action plans


Course Modules

Module 1: Transitions, Changes, Work Atmosphere, the Extent of their Influence on Leadership Efficacy

  • Effective managerial leader and the requirements of his role in his modern framework
  • Six key skills of outstanding manager and effective leader
    the leadership dynamics and teamwork skills


Module 2: Analyze work, Tackles Workers Problems and Dealing Methods

  • Work pressures and how to overcome them
  • Managerial leadership patterns and their situational practice
  • Employees motivating methods and team building
  • Making change and encouraging innovation and development as a way to achieve excellence


Module 3: Development Human Resources within Organizations and Stimulating Effective Action

  • Motivating atmosphere to innovation
  • Problems analysis and decisions making in an innovative manner
  • Managerial leadership Basics
  • Creative and innovative leadership basics


Target Audience

Leaders, administrators, their discipline, decision-makers, who are interested in identifying the requirements and skills of effective managerial leader in the modern institutions and management excellence seekers at their organizations

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