Cost Accounting & Accounts Observation


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Course Objectives

The program aims to raise the professional skills of the participants in the field of cost accounting and determine the cost of products, also it aims to raise the technical efficiency of the internal audit and internal control for workers in the internal audit and the audit institutions and industrial companies and departments of petroleum fields.

Course Modules

Module 1: Industrial Cost Accounting

  • Concept of cost elements
  • Tab cost elements
  • User costs
  • Practical situations

Module 2: Theories Chargeback

  • Mass loading of the components of the costs
  • Partial loading of the components of the costs
  • Practical situations

Module 3: Control of Accounts

  • Concept review
  • Types of audit
  • Evidence in the review and the means to obtain
  • Techniques for review

Module 4: Internal Control and Internal Audit

  • Concept and constraints of the internal control system
  • Examination and evaluation of internal control systems
  • Internal Control under the operation of the data
  • Internal Audit (concept - goals - techniques)

 Target Audience

  • Personnel costs administrations
  • Employees in audit and internal audit departments
  • Staff in the accounts and financial affairs departments
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