Crises Management & Innovative Decision-making


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Course Objectives
  • Develop participants’ skills in dealing with the undertaken crisis and conflicts between staff inside the organizations and between the organization units
  • Refining participants behavioral and knowledge skills for effective skillful interaction with the human behaviors and crisis management methods with its different types

Course Modules
Module 1: Basics in Managing Crises
  • Difference between a crisis and a problem
  • Difference between managing crisis and managing through crisis
  • Crisis extents and its characteristics
 Module 2: Types of Crisis
  • Crisis indication approach
  • Prediction skills for sensing the crisis incidence
  • Role of the early alarm system
  • Necessary preparations for facing crisis planning
  • Required individuals, instruments and equipment for facing crisis planning
  • Communication planning before the crisis incidence
Module 3: How to Deal with a Crisis?
  • Managerial requirements in dealing with crisis
  • Training the crisis team
  • Previous authorities delegation
  • Communication planning during crisis
  • Using the creative and innovative thinking in solving problems
  • Lessons learnt after the crisis incidence
 Module 4: Evaluate Critical Confrontation: Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Extra required preparations to modify the crisis confrontation path
  • Specialized reports of the correction of crisis facing methods
  • Ten advises in managing crisis
  • Applicable laboratory to manage crisis and the means to face and modify its path by using the innovative thinking

Target Audience
All the managerial leaderships and the officials at variable organizations and stabilizations and ministries  
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