Development of Merits in Human Resources Systems


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Course Objectives
  • Identify the basic principles of modern trends in Personnel Management (individuals) and human relations and the development of dealing with individuals and groups
  • Ability to face problems, guide employees and application of policies and systems
  • Acquire information and trends and skills of the human performance management from the perspective of the principle of merit to achieve the overall performance of the effectiveness of the organization

Course Modules
Module 1: Modern Concepts in managing Organizational Affairs
  • Functions and personnel management policies
  • Workforce strategy
  • Manpower planning and forecasting needs of the organization
  • Development, training and career planning
  • Wages and incentives budget
Module 2: Impact of Environmental Variables of Motivating Personnel
  • Job satisfaction and its impact on labor productivity
  • Behavioral aspects of personnel management
  • Problems related to the applications of personnel systems and how to overcome them 
Module 3: Methods for Measuring Performance of Employees, accordance to the Functional Merit Standards
  • Foundations of development and design performance rates
  • Design and development of performance measurement models: Cross-functional measures of merit
Module 4: Prepare Efficiency based on Merit Reports
  • Fundamentals and concepts of effective performance management system under the principle of merit
  • Performance management system for the application of total quality and functional merit
  • Organizational culture as one of the success of performance management hubs 

Target Audience
Officials in Personnel Management (individuals) and industrial relations and manpower planning and those interested in these areas

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