Excellence Skills for Administrative Affairs Officers


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Course Objectives
  • Enable participants to set the policies and convenient strategies to achieve the personnel department goals in light of objectives and the general strategies of the organization
  • Develop the work systems, solve problems and increase the workers efficiency at the area of the admin affairs

Course Modules
Module 1: Modern Roles for the Admin Affairs
  • Traditional specialization of the admin affairs and its relation to the other departments
  • Recommended framework for the admin affairs role
  • Integration between the admin affairs with the other jobs within the organization
Module 2: Admin Affairs Policies and Strategies
  • Human resources planning
  • Selection, hiring, promotion
  • Planning career path
  • Performance appraisal
  • Salaries, wages and incentives
Module 3: Career Development and Admin Development
  • Admin affairs systems and procedures development
  • Develop the current systems in light of the new policies
  • Develop and streamlining the procedures in the admin
  • Re-design the forms, documents, archives to achieve development goals
  • Develop the admin affairs information systems by using the modern technology
Module 4: Personnel Behavioral Aspects
  • Role of admin affairs in enhancing the work atmosphere
  • Guide and direct maximum benefits of the work potentials
  • Different approaches to create loyalty spirit of employees and work satisfaction
  • Study the change at the organizational chart and its effect on the person''s policies
  • Salaries and wages policies and incentives systems
  • Evaluate workers performance and estimating the potentials and planning work path

Target Audience
Admin affairs managers and their deputies and the candidates for these jobs
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