Horizontal Well Technology


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Course Objectives

This training course describes the situations where horizontal wells are most likely to succeed, & provides an overview of the direction techniques, which have developed into horizontal practices. Also, the program suggests methods of evaluating & completing horizontal wells once they are drilled, & define the selection criteria required for the successful drilling of horizontal wells.

Course Modules

Module 1: Geological Applications

  • Introduction                                    
  • Heterogeneous Reservoirs
  • Coning                                        
  • High Viscosity Oil
  • Enhanced Recovery                
  • Restricted Access

Module 2: Directional Drilling Review

  • Terminology & Course Projections          
  • Motors & Turbines
  • Orientation & Course Control          
  • Bent Subs & Housings
  •  BHAS Theory
  • Magnetism & Gravity
  • Surveying, Magnetic, Gyroscopic        
  • Accuracy &Repeatability
  • Mathematical Analysis Techniques

Module 3: Horizontal Drilling Applications

  • Long, Medium, Short Radius Drilling
  • Intermediate Casing Programs
  • Horizontal Tools                                  
  • Drilling Assemblies
  • Pilot Holes                              
  • MWD Methods
  • Coring                                            
  • Logging

Module 4: Completions

  • Fluids                                            
  • Casting the Lateral
  • Perforating, Stimulation, and Pumping

Module 5: Selection Criteria

  • Source Rocks                                      
  • Fractured Reservoirs
  • Gas Reservoirs                                    
  • Well Test Interpretation
  • Reservoir Performance Optimization    
  • Productivity Prediction

Target Audience

This course targets senior engineers & technologists, including some hands on field exposure & will allow them a better understanding of the engineering & operational needs to select &successfully drill a horizontal well.

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