Innovative Leadership & Positive Thinking


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Course Objectives
  • Introduce creative thinking concept and importance as a basis for setting strategies and the organization action plans
  • Give participants the practical experience that assists in getting rid of creative thinking obstacles
  • Training participants on generating ideas of development and problem solving in a creative way with training on evaluation and continuous follow-up methods of the development operations and modernizing the organization 

Course Modules
Module 1: Effective Leadership
  • Concept, functions and leadership patterns
  • Characteristics of a successful leader
  • Methods of selecting leaders
 Module 2: Analyzing the Organization Environment
  • Leadership characteristics and the impact on change
  • Local and international variables and their influence on organizations
  • Concept of change and reconstruction.
  • Resistance to change - its causes and ways to overcome
  • Analyzing strengths and weaknesses and identifying opportunities and concerns
 Module 3: How to Prepare Applicable Procedural Action Plans?
  • Modern methods of capabilities development and creative thinking skills
  • Use of the brainstorming method to activate the mind
  • Creative thinking contraindications
  • Perception and its relation to effective problems solving
  • Encouraging critical and creative thinking in the workplace
  • Use of creative thinking in the work environment
  • Training participants on using the innovative thinking in enhancing the sub-ordinates

Module 4: Methods and Applications for Generating Ideas to Improve Products and Solve Work Problems
  • Methods and tools of change
  • Reference comparisons
  • Institutions rebuilding
  • TQM

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