Integrated Systems to Problem Solving & Innovative Decision-making


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Course Objectives
  • Enhancing participants with the required skills in recognizing work/workers problems and how to deal with the faced obstacles
  • Use of the innovative thinking in indicating, solving problems, and making decisions, regarding difficult situations

Course Modules
Module 1: Recognizing Problems
  • Identifying its dimensions Approach
  • Scientific analysis while solving problems and decision-making
 Module 2: Methods of Generating Alternatives
  • Use brainstorming techniques
  • How to compare between alternatives through the innovative thinking
 Module 3: Innovative Thinking in Sensing Problems and Analyzing the Surroundings
  • Variables to reach the best solution of problems
  • Basic requirements for the innovative thinking
 Module 4: Tools to Tackle Problems and Making Good Decisions
  • Obstacles of putting decision into practice and the role of innovative thinking in removing them
  • Analyze problems and make innovative decisions
  • Practical Application 

Target Audience
Directors, head of departments, supervisors and who are interested in following the scientific techniques in facing the work problems and making the effective decisions at the various organizations

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