International Marketing Strategies, according to GAAT


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Course Objectives
  • Provide participants with the methods and modern strategies in the field of international marketing and be familiar with the latest trends, as well as refining participants skills in how to set up a strategy in the international marketing scope
  • Enhance the participants' ability in dealing with the resulted impacts of the GATT convention and how to develop the required policies to deal with these impacts and to know the required resulted commitments on the member countries

Course Modules 
Module 1: Know the GATT Convention
  • Origin and development and political objectives
  • Main principals of the convention
  • Followed methods in developing and modifying of the convention
  • Resulted impacts on business organization as a result of the convention
  • Opening of markets
  • Increasing of prices of the agriculture production
  • Decreasing of the raw materials prices
  • Workers exporting limitation
  • Information industry  
  • Global marketing and the overseas companies

Module 2: Substitutions of Interning Global Markets
  • Globalization of markets and competitive Arab region center
  • Global economy
  • Strategic planning for International Marketing
  • Economic environment
  • Planning of product in the international market and its pricing
  • Culture environment
 Module 3: Methods of Product Promotion for International Markets
  • Political and law environment: Rules and regulations
  • Problems of exports development
  • Free markets: Integral competition as an essential sequence for GATT convention
  • Strategies for dealing with the free markets
  • Strategies of the total competitiveness
  • Care of management quality and the Total Quality
  • Practical Application: Case studies

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