Legal & Administrative aspects of Electronic Commerce


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Course Objectives
  • Let participant be aware with the importance of e-trade to expand transactions and profits
  • Provide participants with the payment systems of the e-trade
  • Develop participants skills to safe information and prepare confidentiality systems and secure transactions
  • Let participants know the practical steps of the e-trade transactions

Course Modules
Module 1: Concept of E-trade
  • E-trade definition to develop transaction
  • E-trade: Chances and Challenges
  • E-trade payment systems methods
    • Plastic money
    • Modern banking methods in payment
    • Smart cards
  • E-networks
 Module 2: Confidentiality Systems: Securing Commercial Transactions
  • Confidentiality, insurance and privacy  
  • E-signing
  • Coding systems
  • E-transactions systems
 Module 3: Protection and Insurance of Information on Internet Networks
  • Risks and obstacles faced by organizations
  • Privacy systems evaluation
  • Insurance levels of information
  • Information insurance policies and protection
  • Insurance of information against viruses
 Module 4: E-trade between Business Sectors
  • Correlation stage between companies
  • E-exchange stage of documents by using the special network  
  • Fields that cover the e-exchange
  • Advantages that are provided by using the electronic exchange of documents
 Module 5: Action Plan for Transferring into E-trade
  • Transferring stages to the e-trade world  
  • Effective elements on establishing information headquarter on Internet
  • Identify investment portion in establishing a headquarter for an organization
  • Identify operation costs information for an organization’s headquarter on Internet
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