Mainframe HMC and JCL

12/2018 1

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course is intended to give IT professionals a well rounded introduction to the System environment, current servers, operating systems, software utilities, and middleware. That  it will provide the skills set to jump start productivity for technical professionals new to the mainframe environment. The skills taught in this course can be applied across multiple mainframe job roles.


  1. Mainframes and distributed server comparisons: Why so many servers?
  2. Mainframe directions: Past, current, and future
  3. Mainframes: System z introduction and relative performance comparisons
  4. IBM System z hardware design: Frames, CEC cage, books, models and MSUs
  5. I/O Infrastructure and processor usage: zEC12 to z10 comparisons
  6. System z Capacity on Demand
  7. Physical/Logical partitioning, server initialization, and CHPIDs
  8. I/O configuration and HCD overview
  9. MVS to z/OS software overview
  10. z/OS Parallel Sysplex
  11. z/OS enhancements on the zPlatform
  12. z/Architecture overview and virtual addressing concepts
  13. System concepts: The big picture
  14. HMC introduction, groups, and activation profiles
  15. Determining object status and error conditions
  16. Activation and operating system interface
  17. z/OS base elements and optional features
  18. z/OS system programming
  19. z/OS system libraries
  20. Data center components and trends
  21. TSO/E and ISPF/PDF
  22. Data sets and accessing with ISPF/PDF
  23. ISPF/PDF editor
  24. Copy/Move/Rename/Delete
  25. Data Set List
  26. TSO/E commands and TSO/E programming
  27. Introduction to JES and JCL
  28. JOB, EXEC, and DD statements
  29. DD parameters
  30. Traditional applications
  31. Programming languages
  32. Object technology
  33. System-level-security
  34. Network-level security
  35. Transaction-level security
  36. Directory services
  37. z/OSMF
  38. SDSF

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