Modern Approaches to Financial Forecasting


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Course Objectives

  • Recognition of financial planning various methods
  • Provide participants with full understanding of the methods, in a way to assure the effective usage and application
  • Develop participants’ performance and acquaint them with knowledge and the required skills to interact with financial budgets and financial planning practical problems by using the computers potentials
  • Uses a combination of accounting applications that cover numbers of industrial and services activities in a way to give a holistic view and ability to predict and plan any type of projects

Course Modules

Module 1: Modern Methods of Financial Planning

  • Relation between cost elements behavior, the activity volume and profitability
  • Cost elements formulation and its relation to activity level
  • Optimal mixture of the activities cost

Module 2: Types of Budget Preparation

  • Budget preparation concept and principles
  • Plans interpretation into programs
  • Preparation of processing budgets estimations
  • Preparation of capital budget estimations
  • Cash budget
  • Master budget

Module 3: Control Aspects of Budgets

  • Budget efficacy follow-up
  • Identify the deviations
  • Deviations analysis and its causes identifying
  • Deviations reports in light of accounting responsibility
  • Positive and negatives corrective procedures
  • Computer applications in budgets preparation

Target Audience

Heads of financial department and accountants in financial, accounting, budget, forecsting and follow-up departments

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