Modern Public Relations & Mass Communications Strategies


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Course Objectives

  • Assure the importance of strategic planning for public affairs activities to increase the communication processes efficacy what are practiced in the fans categories
  • Train participants on methods of public relations activities planning, drawing different strategies to them and proper strategy selection in the proper time
  • Provide participants with the modern methods to prepare the public relations programs to face the changing circumstances

Course Modules

Module 1: The Comprehensive Approach of Public Relations

  • Interconnection between the public affairs activities and the other administrative activities
  • Increase administrative performance efficacy in the organization
  • Public affairs research and planning (skills – information – stages)
  • Use modern methods in preparing public relations programs

Module 2: Organizational and Administrative Aspects of Public Affairs

  • Communication strategies in public affairs
  • Media strategies                    
  • Persuasion strategies
  • Dialogue strategies                
  • Consistency strategy
  • Participation strategy              
  • Categorization strategy
  • Influence strategy                    
  • Independence strategy
  • Problem solving strategy        
  • Decreasing tension strategies
  • Self-defense strategy              
  • Powerful influence strategy
  • Audience strategy                    
  • Building relation with media channels strategy
  • Behavioral skills of the public relation man
  • Role of public relation in building conceptual image of the organization 

Module 3: Public Relation Activities Evaluation

  • Audience study
  • Measuring public opinion
  • Basics of designing researches
  • Investigation lists
  • Sample tests and managing fieldwork
  • Discussing how to make use of researches results to rationalize relations and media programs
  • Role of public relation in dealing with the emergencies and how it''''s prior planning

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