Organizing, Managing International & National Exhibitions


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Course Objectives
  • Provide participants with the basis and scientific and applied principals of exhibitions organization and participation in it
  • GATT convention and its prominent role in expos organizations
  • Regulating rules of international expos participation

Course Modules
Module 1: Definition of Exhibitions in International Markets
  • Expos as a communication and promotion effective tool
  • International organizations for expos
  • Types of expos and its classification
    • Target
    • Type
    • Objective
    • International or national
  • Functions of expos and the international and national markets
  • Goals of the economic expos
    • Expos and the national economy and exports development
    • Expos and the international economical blocks
    • Expos and the free trade convention (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade) GATT
Module 2: Exhibitions Management
  • Modern methods for expos marketing
  • Study of the exhibitions agendas locally and internationally
  • Study of the market needs
  • Organizational chart to manage market
  • Preparation of the presentation budget
  • Exhibitors services for the exhibition participants
  • Admin affairs at the exhibition
  • Technical affairs for the exhibition and designing of divisions.
  • Advertising campaigns of the exhibition and methods of promotions
  • Layout the exhibition land
Module 3: Participation in Internal and External Exhibitions
  • Importance of the external exhibitions
  • Planning of the external exhibitions
  • Study of the global markets and choosing of exhibits articles
  • How to chose the convenient space of the exhibition division
 Module 4: Delivery Procedures of Exhibits Articles from Country of Manufacturing to Country of Exhibition
  • Exhibits cargo, packing and wrapping
  • Exhibits insurance
  • Rules regulating participation in the international expos
  • Importance of required documents internationally while participating in international exhibitions
  • Recognize custom and export monetary rules of exhibitions
  • Practical and applied cases
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