Preparation of Contemporary Managers & Supervisors


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Course Objectives
  • Provide participants with managerial, supervisory and leadership needed skills to develop the administrative, technical work and developing human relations with others
  • Give participants the tackles to rate the administrative and financial work effectiveness at individual and group level and its impact on the technical work 

Course Modules
Module 1: Managerial work elements and supervisor role
  • Dimensions and spirit of the managerial work
  • Characteristics of effective supervisors
  • Leadership theories and patterns
  • Managerial process and supervisor role
  • Technical work and systems approach
  • Team building
 Module 2: Planning and Organizational Skills
  • Planning concept                        
  • Hierarchical objectives
  • Organizational charts                
  • Organizational guides
  • Organizations disadvantages    
  • Re-organization
 Module 3: Characterizing and Evaluating Jobs
  • Assess the subordinate’s performance
  • Methods and tackles for prediction and statistical analysis
  • Managerial organization and its theories
  • Basics of organizational principles
 Module 4: Problem Analysis and Decision-making Skills
  • Types of problems
  • Problems of carrying out decisions
  • Supervisors patterns in facing work problems
  • Making managerial decisions and the factors affecting them
  • Managing crises, difficult situations and conflicts
 Module 5: Behavioral Skills and Innovative Thinking
  • Behavioral motives
  • Motivation and raising subordinates concerns
  • Reciprocal relations and their impact on group performance
  • Preparation of reports
  • Communication skills and managing meetings
 Module 6: Skills of Assessing Managerial and Financial Performance
  • Elements of evaluation and indicators of performance
  • Tackles and methods for assessing the managerial and financial performance
  • Rating results

Target Audience
New managers and supervisor, posts occupants, head of departments and administrative units for all the organization different departments

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