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Why Attend

Management is known as a form of art and a science. The key is making employees more efficient and productive while finding the correct way to do it. When preparing to manage one or a group of managers, you are preparing for them to be able to manage their own employees. Every manager is a different personality type and learns differently. But with some helpful tools and tips, you can help them become great managers that will continue to grow and succeed with their new teams.


Course Objectives

It’s been said that good management starts with good planning. As a manager, you can learn different ways to put plans into action that will help your other managers and employees work together and continue to grow

  • Welcome and orientate new managers
  • Learn ways to successfully coach and mentor
  • Learn ways to measure and evaluate performance
  • How to handle complications
  • Communicate between employees and their managers


Course Modules

Module1 Set Specific Goals

Module2 Coaching and Mentoring (I)

Module3 Coaching and Mentoring (II)

Module4 Measuring Performance

Module5 Motivating Managers

Module6 Signs of Poor Management

Module7 Trust Your Team of Managers

Module8 When an Employee Complains About Their Manager

Module9 When Do You Step In?

Module10 Remember These Basic Qualities

Target Audience

This program is designed for all management level employees, department heads, senior supervisors, and others who want to develop their managerial skills. 

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