Pumps & Compressors: Operation & Maintenance


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Course Objectives

This course will give participants the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to operate and maintain equipment in industrial projects, power plants, refineries and oil field installations.

Course Modules

Module 1: Pumps

  • Classification and function
  • Theory and head capacity curves
  • Selection
  • Drive for industrial pumps
  • Operation and control
  • Instrumentation
  • Applications
  • Trouble shooting and maintenance techniques

Module 2: Compressors

  • Classification and function
  • Theory and head capacity curves
  • Selection
  • Applications

Module 3: Trouble Shooting and Maintenance Techniques

  • Frame and running gear
  • Bearings faults
  • Fitting bearings and bearing maintenance
  • Cylinders maintenance
  • Piston maintenance
  • Packing theory maintenance
Module 4: Valves Types, its Maintenance and Failure Analysis
  • Capacity control and regulation
  • Clearance valves
  • Frame and cylinder lubrication systems and operation
  • Cooling systems and operation

Module 5: Maintenance

  • Maintenance safety and position rod run out
  • Start-up and break in
  • Instrumentation

Target Audience

Maintenance, personnel and process engineers

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