Purchasing & Storage, according to Total Quality Management


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Course Objectives
  • Provide participants with strategic and practical basis to manage purchasing and storing systems
  • Develop skills of participants in the planning, control of purchasing and storing processes.
  • Link between the purchasing and stores by achieving TQM within an entity
  • Make the purchasing and stores management ready and identical to the 900 ISOO requirements

Course Modules
Module 1: TQM between Concept and Application
  • Concept of managing materials and the storage systems
  • Organizing and planning of purchasing work
  • Organizing the stores and inventory control
  • TQM in purchasing and stores
Module 2: Role of Purchasing Management in realizing TQM
  • Dealing with costumers
  • Organizing
  • Contracts planning
  • Evaluation
  • Selection
  • Qualifying
  • Policy of incomings assuring
Module 3: Enhancing of the Purchasing Processes
  • Quality of handling, storage, packing and delivery
  • Organization of purchasing and storage department, according to the requirements of the ISO 9000 international conditions
  • Set of the international conditions ISO 9000 and its importance for the entity
  • Requirements of the international conditions ISO 9000 in purchasing and storage
  • Documentation of the purchasing work according to the international conditions ISO 9000
  • Practical cases in preparation of the quality index and work procedures
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