Rotating Equipment: Operation, Maintenance & Vibration Analysis


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Course Objectives

This course aims at providing participants with the theoretical and practical aspects of operation and maintenance of all types of rotating equipment.

Course Modules

Module 1: Gas Turbine Engine and Components

  • Operating principles

  • Pressure and temperature gradients

  • Centrifugal and axial compressor

  • Combustion systems and turbine

Module 2: Equipment Systems

  • Air-cooling and pressurization system

  • Lubrication, servo oil system

  • Gas and liquid fuel system - Ignition and starting system

Module 3: Gas Turbine Operations

  • Prostrate check and start-up and shut down procedures

  • Monitoring normal operations

  • Electronic control and Governors

Module 4: Safety and Operation Limits

  • Fire detection and suppression

  • Fire system maintenance

  • Gas leakage, noise and heat emission

Module 5: Gas Turbine Maintenance

  • Types of inspections and condition monitoring

  • Safety requirements and maintenance equipment

Module 6: Compressors Reciprocating and Duplex Compressors

  • Classification of volumetric displacement & dynamic compressors

  • Principles and types of reciprocating compressors

  • Automatic alternation - Duplex compressors

  • Controlling reciprocating compressor output

Module 7: Rotary and Dynamic Compressors

  • Sliding van, Lobe, Axial and Centrifugal

  • Vibration analysis for rotating equipment

Target Audience

Operators, maintenance, engineer and technicians of rotating machinery whom are working in the field of rotating equipment

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