Selection of Drilling, Completion & Work over Fluids


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Course Objectives

It is essential guide for petrolium, chemical engineers and chemists to stand on scientific basement to select and optimize drilling, workover fluids

Course Modules

Module 1: Fundamental Aspects of Drilling Fluid Technology

  • Introduction to drilling fluids
  • Clay & polymer chemistry

Module 2: Completion & workover fluids

  • Fluids contact the pay zone, producing formations, principle to minimize damage
  • Fluid design

Module 3: Polymer Potasium Chloride System

  • Formulation and initial properties
  • Shale inhibition mechanism
  • Analysis procedures, maintenance and treatment
  • High temperature formulation
  • Drilling in production zones
  • Packer fluid formulation
  • Mixed salt system
  • Geological background
  • Mixed salt system and its composition
  • Formulation of the mixed salt system
  • Analysis method , calculation of the total salt content
  • Instrumentation
  • Identification of evaporate minerals from sclumberger logs

Module 4: Oil Based Fluids

  • Formulation
  • Analysis
  • Controle procedure
  • Maintenance
  • Treatment and operational aspects of oil based fluids

Module 5: Engineering Aspects of Drilling Fluids

  • Rheology
  • Drilling flud contaminants
  • Lost of circulation
  • Stuck pipe
  • Pressure control
  • Corrosion
  • Tracer technique and testing procedure

Target Audience

Drilling & workover supervisors,mud engineers, production, process operations and chemists & geologists

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