Situational Leadership Strategies Skills


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Course Objectives
  • Provide participants with the latest ideas in the art of leadership and team building
  • Participants gain new leadership skills to reach certain creative and innovative leadership mentality
  • Ways to develop traditional patterns in the analysis of administrative problems and making decisions
  • Help generate ideas on how innovative decisions come up from a modern commander through cooperation and teamwork
  • Development of leaders to translate innovative ideas into action plans
  • Training on how to deal with crises and conflicts in the work environment
Course Modules
Module 1: Basics Of Administrative Leadership
  • Modern leadership and leadership network system
  • -Methods and tools on how to shift from a Manager to a Leader
  • Successful leader (personal qualities - leadership skills)
  • How to choose the appropriate leadership style in different positions
Module 2: Leadership Creativity
  • What is the Concept and dimensions of creativity?
  • Road to Creative Thinking (Steps – Skills Required)
  • Methods of Creativity and the skills to use
 Module 3: Properties of Creative Leaders
  • Creative Leaders and generation of alternatives
  • Skills required to providing and arranging new ideas
  • How to translate innovative ideas into actions
  • Leader’s role in development and innovation of culture of the team
 Module 4: How to Deal with Crises?
  • Administrative requirements for dealing with crises
  • Preparation and training of the team
  • Pre-authorization of the authorities
  • Communication and Contingency planning during crises
  • Use of the innovative and creative thinking in solving problems 

Target Audience
Individuals holding leadership positions in the executive, supervisory and middle management levels in various organizations and entrusted them with leadership teams by dealing with crises and conflicts in the work environment
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