Strategic Planning, Follow Up & Performance Results Assessment


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Course Objectives
  • Provide participants with integrated methodical framework of planning, follow-up jobs and the relevant activities
  • Enriching participant’s skills to identify and formulate the objectives, preparing plans and realistic programs at all levels, therefore following up its implementation
  • Proceeding its appropriate design within the framework developing system for planning and follow-up

Course Modules
Module 1: Importance of Strategic Planning
  • Basic requirements
  • Comprehensive planning at project level
  • Data - Goals - Regulations
Module 2: Methods of Identifying and Formulating Plan Objectives
  • Resource planning and essential capabilities
  • Types and levels of planning
  • Stages and procedures for preparing detailed plans of activities
  • Financial  
  • Marketing
  • Productive
  • Human Resources
 Module 3: Techniques and Tools to Future Prediction
  • Quantitative methods for planning
  • Follow-up Systems using PERT
  • Management by objectives - M.B.O.

Module 4: Managerial and Behavioral Skills
  • Development of business and activities plans
  • Comprehensive follow-up
  • Case studies: Practical study of planning, follow up and decision making

Target Audience
Managers, supervisors and officials in the planning & follow-up departments and sections, who are associated with preparation of plans
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