Strategic Planning & Action Plans Development


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Course Objectives
  • Provide participants with the skills of analyzing the organizing external and internal environment
  • Training participants on setting a mission, strategy and the organization action plans
  • Enhancing the skills of strategic planning and setting plans, strategic programs, follow-up, control and making strategic decisions

Course Modules
Module 1: The Organization as an Integrated Action System
  • Study the external organization environment (Technological, economical, political, cultural, and legal)
  • Identifying the organization strengths and weaknesses
  • Study the attitudes and capabilities of competitors and suppliers
  • Setting the organization strategy and mission
  • Identifying areas of development to face the threats
  • Identifying the organization available opportunities
  • Strategic planning and setting goals and policies
 Module 2: Integrated Model of the Strategic Planning Process
  • Main features of the strategic plan
  • Strategic Plan implementation, evaluation, audit and plan path modification
  • Organization management strategic outline
 Module 3: Strategic Control Systems and their Fundamental Application
  • Fundamentals of Leadership Excellence in the context of the holistic strategy
  • Managerial excellence ruling tools
  • Strategic planning and excellence, and the explosion
Module 4: Leadership Efficiency Standards
  • Measuring tools
  • Implementation and evaluation of strategic plans
  • Practical models for setting

Target Audience

All leaders and the occupants of managerial posts who aspire to set an action strategy for their organizations in order to achieve excellence, planning officials and candidates for these posts
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