Strategic Planning & Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)


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Course Objectives

  • Definition of different concepts and terminology of strategic planning
  • Give participants strategic planning techniques
  • Enhance participants with skills development of action plan
  • Definition of apprentice relationship between strategic planning and management
  • Evaluation of strategic plans skills
  • Develop a strategy using a form buffer (Pfeiffer) skills plan
  • Definition of some methods of measuring institutional performance
  • Understand the application of balanced scorecard skills in strategic planning
  • Provide participants with skills to measure key performance indicators KPI’s


Course Modules

Module 1: What is Strategic Planning?

  • Nature of planning using system analysis
  • Concepts in strategic planning
  • Strategic thinking skills
  • Strategic planning and strategic management
  • Inquisition: where are you planning
  • Training: eligibility for strategic planning


Module 2: Stages of Strategic Planning

  • Vision, mission and determine how to develop short, medium and long-term goals
  • Objectives and elements of strategic planning
  • Methods of identifying strategic options
  • Practical application: how to construct a vision & mission of your organization
  • Case studies


Module 3: Pfeiffer Model in Strategic Planning

  • Stages and steps of preparing the strategic plan: Model Pfeiffer
  • Practical application: Develop a strategic plan using a model Pfeiffer


Module 4: Development of Action Plans

  • Internal and external environment of the organization evaluate methods
  • SWOT matrix
  • Skills and techniques necessary to prepare the action plan and tools
  • Stages and steps to prepare action plans and tasks of each stage
  • Practical application: Development and design of action plans


Module 5: Strategic Review, Evaluation, and Oversight

  • Nature of the process of evaluating strategically
  • Strategic assessment framework
  • Review the foundations of the strategy
  • The information required to evaluate strategies
  • Practical training: Strategic evaluation matrix
  • Practical application: How to measure regulatory performance
  • Practical application: Review of the process of strategic planning


Module 6 Performance Measurement Indicators

  • Implementation and evaluation of the strategic plan using performance measurement indicators
  • Concept and importance of the performance of the organizational index
  • How the organization determines how progress towards its objectives
  • The concept of performance measurement
  • Practical application: problems and constraints determine the performance indicators


Module 7: Balanced Scorecard

  • How to measure performance and the measurer?
  • Balanced performance measurement indicators and their relationship to performance measurement card
  • Ways and methods of using the balanced scorecard
  • Practical application: balanced performance measurement as a measure of performance indicator
  • Practical model: application of balanced scorecard performance measurement


Module 8: Basic Performance Metrics – KPI’s

  • What are the main performance metrics KPI’s
  • Specifications of key performance indicators
  • Development of key performance indicators
  • Design performance measures
  • Practical application: What are performance indicators in your organization?


Module 9 Types of Key Performance Indicators

  • Quantitative, practical, and directional indicators
  • Efficiency and Workload indicators
  • Role of quality in the performance measurement indicators
  • Generate performance metrics methodology


Module 10 Design And Placement of Performance Indicators

  • Steps to develop key performance indicators KPI’s
  • Management of key performance indicators
  • Main reasons for building a performance measurement system
  • Standards serial cascading measure
  • Performance standards mechanisms
  • Use of information technology to support the performance management system
  • Case study: Design of key performance indicators of the institution
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