The Balanced Score Card Assessment Tool


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Course Objectives
The “Balance Scorecard” is considered one of the modern approaches in the strategic management sheet, which is the most successful strategic system all over the world. This workshop aims at enabling the participants to answer the following:
  • What is the (balance scorecard)?
  • What is the importance of this system and why did the successful organization apply it?
  • How to connect between the organization strategy and the work and the operational performance?
  • How to utilize the sources in a more realistic way?
  • How to apply the (balance Scorecard) system? 

Course Modules
Module 1: Introduction of the Strategic Management and Performance Evaluation System
  • Traditional performance evaluation systems
  • Story of the emergence of balance scorecard by Norton &Kaplan
  • Concept of the balanced scorecard
  • Balanced scorecard role in the integrated model of the strategic management
  • Difference between the balanced scorecard and the traditional performance appraisal systems
Module 2: The Four Dimensions of the Balanced Scorecard
  • Financial dimension
  • Costumer’s dimensions
  • Internal dimension
  • Innovation and education dimension (Future)
Module 3: Importance of the Balanced Scorecard
  • Extent of using the balanced scorecard in the most successful companies
  • How to build the balanced scorecard systems
  • Recommended model of 9 steps divided by 3 main stages to build the balanced scorecard system
  • Practical cases for how to build the balanced scorecard system at some of the successful companies
Module 4: Implementation of the Balanced Scorecard System
  • What are the reasons the may lead to balanced scorecard system failure
  • Learnt lessons of many countries across the world
  • Applicable workshops
  • Workshop for building the balanced scorecard system
  • Workshop for applying the balanced scorecard system
  • Workshop for assessing the application results of the balanced scorecard system
  • The learnt lessons of the program

Target Audience
The senior and middle management members and the candidates of the senior leaderships occupations

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