Valves: Operation & Maintenance


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Course Objectives

  • Provide participants with skills to select the proper type and size of valve for specific job and determine the possible causes of valve failure
  • Enable participants to interpret the trouble-shooting as extension of valve failure analyses and to overview the valve maintenance system

Course Modules

Module 1: Classification of Valve Types

  • Major valve types
  • Valve functions, characteristics and field of uses
  • Main valve elements

Module 2: Valves Selection and Design

  • Design factors and sizing of valve
  • Causes of erosion/ Corrosion of valve elements
  • Flow characteristics, noise and water hammering

Module 3: Body Material and Dimensions

  • Steam materials
  • Valve packing
  • Valve-Piping connections
  • Pressure and temperature regulators
  • Steam traps and strainers
Module 4: Valve Actuators and Control
  • Valves symbols and standards
  • Test methods for valves
  • Valves maintenance and repair
  • Valve inspection and cautions

Module 5: Repair and Replacement of Worn Parts

  • Replacement procedure of valve packing
  • Valve lubrication
  • Safety aspects
  • Noise abatement for valves 

Target Audience

Engineers foremen and technicians whose work involves maintenance and who are responsible for a large number of valves in a production, processing or plant operation

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