Warehousing Management & Level Control


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Course Objectives
  • Provide participants with the practical and scientific basis of inventory management (warehouses)
  • Develop participants’ skills in planning processes and organize the warehouse work and the control on it
  • Develop participants skills in using the modern quantitative methods in solving the storage problems and making the proper decisions in the convenient time

Course Modules
Module 1: Nature and Significance of Warehouses
  • Reasons of keeping inventory and objectives of storage
  • Management of storage systems 
Module 2: Planning of Inventory at Warehouse
  • Necessity and importance of inventory planning
  • Investment in inventory and its relation with planning
  • How to set up a successful inventory policy
 Module 3: Arranging Warehouse Duties
  • Organizing position in a warehouse
  • Internal organizing of warehouse
  • Planning for material handle work
 Module 4: Regulations and Laws for Warehouse Processes
  • Inventory control
  • Storage control at warehouses
  • Importance and stages and objectives of control
 Module 5: Success Factors of Control System
  • Steps and procedures of control
  • Classification of the stock materials
  • Warehouse control as an integral system
  • Control on inventory levels
  • Control on inventory movement
  • Control on storage cost
  • Sort out the stagnant items and the production left over's
  • Methods in solving the storage problems and making decisions

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