Advanced Excel for HR

كود : IT002
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Why Attend
This 24-Hours workshop is designed especially for HR specialists and experts, to cover the tools and skills that increase their efficiency and productivity, and how to use Excel to perform their work in not only payroll, personnel, and recruitment, but also in general tasks that are related to most HR functions. This includes making quick and accurate calculations of salary additions and deductions such as taxes and insurance, applying performance appraisal, applying penalties, calculating overtime, organizing employees’ data, preparing outstanding reports, and generating the organization chart. All according to the latest updates of Egyptian laws and rules.



Attendees need to have basic knowledge of Excel. This is not a basic or extended systematic course. Attendees are expected to have ability to perform basic tasks like writing and formatting data, sheets and cells, basic calculations, using tables, sorting and filtering, saving and printing workbooks. This prerequisite can be met by attending a basic Excel course, or having equivalent work experience.


The training is aimed at HR professionals who want to walk through a new aspect of integrating Excel in their work environment.


Course Objectives:

  • Creating advanced excel formulas using the most effective functions
  • Validating data entries, protecting workbooks and handling errors
  • Generating reports, pay slips, and organization chart


Course Modules:

Module 1: Excel formulas and functions basics review

Module 2: Using logical functions in Excel to get results based on conditions

Module 3: Protecting workbooks and worksheets

Module 4: Enhancing Excel calculations using power functions

Module 5: Reusing data differently by using lookup functions

Module 6: Manipulate and refine text using text functions

Module 7: Making the most complicated date and time calculations in Excel

Module 8: Handling formula errors and validating data

Module 9: Using conditional formatting

Module 10: Preparing reports using PivotTables and charts

Module 11: Preparing the pay slips using Excel and Word

Module 12: Preparing the organizational chart using Excel and Visio


Hands-on Tasks:

Bring your own laptop to run and follow up the exercises and tasks provided by the instructor. To be sure that you can perform all tasks, Office 2010 or later version is required. Office 2007 users will find lack of some features and functions used during the exercises, in addition to some differences in the user interface and commands paths changes.


For the organization chart preparation, Microsoft Visio is required. We use Visio 2016 in the training. We recommend the latest version because Visio, unlike Excel and Office suite, usually comes with major enhancements and new features every release.


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06 - 10 يونيو
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19 - 23 سبتمبر
10:00 AM To 3:00 PM
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