Certificate In HR Succession Planning

كود : 2/60

About the Course

The lack of valuable leadership can devastate an organization. Business Succession Planning is basically formulating successors to take on vital leadership roles when the need arises. Whether it is preparing someone to take over as the sole owner of a small business or a position of leadership in a corporation, business succession planning is vital to the long-term survival and sustainability of an entity. This training program will teach you the difference between succession planning and mere replacement planning and how to prepare people to take on the responsibilities of leadership so that the company thrives in the transition.

 Course Objectives

  • Define business succession planning and its role in your company
  • Lay the groundwork to develop a succession plan
  • The importance of mentorship
  • Define and use a SWOT analysis to set goals
  • Create a plan, assign roles, and execute the plan
  • Communicate to develop support and manage change
  • Anticipate obstacles, and evaluate and adapt goals and plans
  • Characterize success 

Course Modules

Module 1 Action Plans and Evaluation Forms

Module 2 Planning vs. Replacement Planning

Module 3 Preparing for the Planning Process

Module 4 Initiating Process

Module 5 The SWOT Analysis

Module 6 Developing the Succession Plan

Module 7 Executing the Plan

Module 8 Gaining Support

Module 9 Managing the Change

Module 10 Overcoming Roadblocks

Module 11 Reaching the End

 Target Audience

This course is designed for the following target audience:

  • Individuals with little experience to field of human resource management
  • Aspiring human resource professionals
  • Individuals who are in supervisory positions and others who have their own businesses

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