Achieving Customer Delight with Total Quality Management Approach

Code : 5/35
Course Objectives
  • Recognize the obstacles of customer service and resolution methods
  • Deepening the required behavioral skills in dealing with customers
  • Training on planning to develop customer service
  • Assistance in designing of basis and total quality terms of customer services  
  • Presentation of Process Reengineering concepts in customer service

Course Modules
Module 1: Conditions of Customers Distinctive Service Presentation
  • Customer service obstacles
  • Individuals obstacles
  • Organization and external environment obstacles  
Module 2: How to Overcome Customer Service Obstacles?
  • Identify of essential success elements of he presented service
  • Service quality standards
  • Analysis of service obstacles and setting of development plans
  • Service Process Reengineering (SPR)
Module 3: Behavioral Skills Required while Dealing with Customers
  • Skills of self and others analysis and methods of dealing with customers  
  • Effective listening of customers and poor listening habits
  • Methods of approaching customers and analysis of their needs
  • Skills of interest generating and motive creating for customer
  • Practical Application 
Module 4: Supporting Atmosphere to Realize Presented Service Efficacy
  • Service loops and teamwork spirit in service presentation
  • Work conflicts and its effect on the presented service and methods of dealing with it  
  • Time management and service fulfilling enhancement attitude
  • The integral chains of customer care

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