Advanced Crude Oil Distillation


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Course Objectives

Participants attending the course will understand the basic properties of crud oils, design of atomospheric and vacuum distillation columns, develop tray dynamic, calculate the amount of refluxes, develop tempreature and pressure gradients in distillation towers, heat exchangers, furnaces, pumps and compressors performance.

Course Modules      

Module 1: An introduction to Crude Oil and its Products

  • Atmospheric crude distillation unit
  • Process description
  • Developing the true boiling point curve (TBP) and equilibrium flash
  • Vaporization curve (EFV) from lab. ASTM curve
  • Procedure for establishing flash zone condition
  • Establish tower top condition
  • Overall tower heat balance
  • Predictions of tray and tower performance

Module 2: Crude Vacuum Distillation

  • Process description
  • Tower vacuum criteria and pressure drop
  • A method to determine vacuum ejector performance
  • Calculating flash zone condition
  • Draw off tempreature

Module 3: Troubleshooting

  • Heat Exchangers and furnaces
  • Pumps and Compressors

Target Audience

This intensive short course addresses engineers, operators and technical persons who concerned with the operation in refineries and petrochemical plants.

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