Advanced Reservoir Simulation

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Course Objectives

  • Understand of the reservoir performance
  • Predict the future reservoir performance
  • Study different techniques to increase the hydrocarbon recovery and
    choose the best economic of them.
  • Study factors affecting the hydrocarbon recovery under different

Course Modules

Module 1: Introduction

  • Reservoir simulation definition
  • Reservoir simulation applications
  • Types of reservoir simulation models
  • Steps of reservoir simulation study

Module 2: Define Study Objectives

  • New field evaluation
  • Existing production field
  • Sources of data preparation

Module 3: Rock Data

  • Porosity
  • Permeability
  • Thickness
  • Elevation
  • Rock compressibility
  • Examples of porosity and permeability

Module 4: Fluid Data

  • Oil formation volume factor
  • Gas formation volume factor
  • Water formation volume factor
  • Oil viscosity
  • Gas viscosity
  • Water viscosity
  • Oil density
  • Gas density
  • Water density
  • Gas solubility
  • Gas compressibility factor
  • Vaporized oil or condensate in gas
  • Oil compressibility
  • Gas compressibility
  • Water compressibility
  • Equilibrium constant
  • Mobility ratio
  • Sources of error in computed results
  • Model is usually only approximate
  • Truncation error
  • Instability
  • Inaccurate reservoir description
  • Simulator output
  • Print input data
  • Model equilibration
  • Production statistics

Module 5: Simulation Post-Processing

  • Reviewing simulation output to ensure valid results
  • Review warning messages
  • Review input data printout
  • Review initialization
  • Review production statistics

Module 6: Predicting reservoir performance

  • Objectives of future performance predictions
  • Data requirements for predicting future performance
  • Number and timing of new wells
  • New well data
  • Production facilities data Economic limits
  • Workover plan for existing well

Module 7: Study of Actual Cases on Streamline Simulator

  • Streamline simulator description
  • Introduction to streamline simulator
  • Components of streamline simulator
  • Input data files
  • Simulator calculation equations
  • Output data files
  • Options of streamline simulator
  • Study depletion drive gas reservoir performance
  • Study water drive gas reservoir performance
  • Study geopressured gas reservoir performance
  • Study gas condensate reservoir performance
  • Analysis of well test results
  • Flow after flow test
  • Isochronal flow test
  • Modified isochronal flow test
  • Determination of bottom hole from wellhead pressure Study geopressured gas reservoir
  • Study actual cases
  • Study depletion drive reservoir performance
  • Study water drive reservoir performance

Target Audience

Reservoir engineers to understand the reservoir performance

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