Bad Debts Management

Code : 3/43

Course Objectives

  • Setting the structures of the doubtful and bad debts
  • Identify the proper credit management requirements and developing its information and renewing database
  • Acquire skills of grading loans and its terminal follow up
  • Ability to analyze the emerging causes of doubtful and bad banking debts, bad debts indictors and ability to handle them
  • Recognize effect of bank management on emergence of doubtful and bad debt
  • How to make cooperation with client and liquidation of loans
  • Estimate the doubtful debts and its periodic modification
  • Acquire the practical skills in managing the doubtful and bad debt portfolio and grading in handling its current and accumulative problems  

Course Modules

Module 1: Concept of bad debts from the banking point of view

Module 2: Hardships that face banks

Module 3: Classifying loans and identifying its reference standards as bad debts

Module 4: Indicating and predicting methods of hardships

Module 5: Means of limiting the doubtful bank up debts

Module 6: Banking handles of the doubtful bank up debts.

Module 7: Selective correction programs of the bad loan

Module 8: Scheduling processes and the rescheduling

Module 9: Methods of follow up of the insolvent clients

Module 10: Administrative procedures to collect bad debts

Module 11: Statutory handle for the bad debts

Module 12: Bad debts guarantees

Target Audience

For credit departments staff and follow up whom their work associate with evaluating and follow up the facilities of credit and loans

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