Balancing of Machinery Components


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Course Objectives

     Provides participants with full understanding of the types of machines unbalance and their causes, and equips them with skills to correct unbalances and measure tolerances using computer.

Course Modules

Module 1: Purpose of Balancing

  • Causes of unbalance
  • Types of unbalance
  • Static unbalance
  • Couple unbalance
  • Quasi- static unbalance
  • Dynamic unbalance

Module 2: Balancing Machines

  • Gravity
  • Centrifugal and field balancing machine
  • Unbalance correction methods
  • Addition and removal of masses
  • Mass centering

Module 3: Balance Tolerances and Quality Grades

  • Computer - Aided balancing
  • On-condition monitoring of rotating equipment
  • Case studies 

Target Audience

   Engineers, technicians, and foremen in industrial plants and workshops

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