Business Ethics


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Why Attend

A company’s ethics will determine its reputation. Good business ethics are essential for the long-term success of an organization. Implementing an ethical program will foster a successful company culture and increase profitability. Developing a business ethics program takes time and effort, but doing so will do more than improve business, it will change lives.

A company's ethics will have an influence on all levels of business. It will influence all who interact with the company including customers, employees, suppliers, competitors, etc. All of these groups will have an effect on the way a company's ethics are developed. It is a two Way Street; the influence goes both ways, which makes understanding ethics a very important part of doing business today. Ethics is very important, as news can now spread faster and farther than ever before.


Course Objectives

  • Define and understand ethics
  • Understand the benefits of ethics
  • Create strategies to implement ethics at work
  • Recognize social and business responsibility
  • Identify ethical and unethical behavior
  • Learn how to make ethical decisions and lead with integrity


Course Modules

Module 1 What is Ethics?

Module 2 Implementing Ethics in the Workplace

Module 3 Employer/Employee Rights

Module 4 Business & Social Responsibilities

Module 5 Ethical Decisions

Module 6 Whistle Blowing

Module 7 Managerial Ethics

Module 8 Unethical Behavior

Module 9 Ethics in Business (I)

Module 10 Ethics in Business (II)


 Target Audience

This program is designed for team leaders, managers and supervisors.

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