Career Success Secrets in Contemporary Management

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Course Objectives
  • Enhance the experience of managers, middle managers and supervisors to cope with global transformation
  • Develop participant’s skills to achieve excellence in order to support their organizations competitive edge
  • Train participant’s on implementing the right forms and scientific formulas to achieve success in the new century
  • Develop participant’s various skills in order to discard the traditional business behavior and adopt the modern practices to achieve excellence

Course Modules
Module 1: Impact of Global Changes on Business Environment
  • Characteristics of contemporary business environment
  • Globalization, GATT, privatization, ISO, companies and ever countries
  • The imperative success of companies and individuals
  • Requirements of success 
Module 2: The first pillar to success
  • The ability to plan
  • Thinking about organizational objectives
  • Future vision
  • Selecting the right direction and motivating people to get the best out of their abilities
  • Specifying goals
  • Searching for opportunities
  • Setting priorities
  • Setting flexible strategy 
Module 3: The second pillar to success
  • The ability to change and innovate
  • Making initiatives
  • Adapting to change
  • Doing the right things
  • Dealing on the basis of win - win situation
  • Internal organizational restricting
  • Taking the right timely decisions
  • Prediction of decisions repercussions
Module 4: The Third Pillar to Success 
  • Ability to know yourself and others
  • Effective self development
  • Listening
  • Learning and training to enhance mental scope
  • Convincing others
  • Accepting criticism
  • Coping with change
  • Figuring out the human nature of others for ease of interrelationships
Module 5: Conclusion
  • Effective people management
  • Engaging staff members in decision-making
  • Delegation of authority
  • Mobilization of human capital abilities
  • Team spirit
  • Developing empathetic relationships with human capital
  • Time management
  • Selection of the right staff members
  • Resisting fear
  • Utilization of technology as a success tool 

Target Audience
All Top leadership and management levels as well as middle managers
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