Cathodic Protection Engineering


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Course Objectives

  • Refresh the participants’ technical background on causes and types of corrosion in plant equipment, storage tanks and pipelines
  • Provide them with the necessary fundamentals of cathodic protection systems function, design, construction, operation and maintenance

Course Modules

Module 1: Corrosion Principles and Reviews

  • Electrochemistry
  • Galvanic cells
  • Ferrous and non-ferrous alloys
  • Industrial environment
  • Causes of corrosion
  • Forms of corrosion

Module 2: Cathodic Protection: Principles and Types

  • Impressed Current System
  • Configuration
  • Selection of anodes
  • Design of ground beds
  • Current   density
  • Protection current density
  • Difference in potential between
  • Buried structure and soil
  • Copper sulfate half electrodes

Module 3: Rectifiers, Cables, Ampere and Volt Adjustment

  • Protective coating and tapes
  • Deep well anodes
  • Monitoring, Interpretation and record keeping
  • Solar energy as a source of current

Module 4: Sacrificial Anodes Systems

  • Applications
  • Types of anodes
  • Anodes selection and limitations
  • Anodes fixation
  • Periodic inspection

Module 5: Economics 

  • Modifications
  • Cost of anodes and damaged cables
  • Stray currents
  • Interfering structures
  • Maintenance and repair

Target Audence

Corrosion engineers and technicians involved in design, operation, monitoring and maintenance of all types of cathodic protection systems in industrial plants, oil fields refineries, petrochemical plants, power stations and terminals

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