Certified Marketing Professional® (CMP) - Level 1

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Certified Marketing Professional® (CMP) Level 1

Accredited by American Certification Institute - USA

This Certification is a core certification program of the American Certification Institute and the Global Negotiation Institute. This program offers the designation of CMP (Certified Marketing Professional), CMM (Certified Marketing Manager), and CSMM (Certified Senior Marketing Manager) to candidates who demonstrate their understanding of the fundamentals of the profession through the successful completion of rigorous professional certification examinations based upon the MARKETING MANAGEMENT BODY OF KNOWLEDGE. (MMBOK). The MMBOK is supported by six modules of study material for the CMP and six modules of study material for the CMM.
This certification is accredited by the American Certification Institute - ACI, USA. Participants will receive additional certificate from ACI, besides ACAD's Professional Certificate - APC.

Certification Objectives
Candidates will be required to profess knowledge, skill, and ability in the following major areas of marketing management.
  • Explain the scope of marketing
  • Discuss the applicability of marketing beyond products and services
  • Define the evolution of the marketing concept
  • Contrast the product, selling, and marketing orientations that a company could take toward the marketplace
  • Explain a customer relationship orientation and discuss its value to an organization
  • Explain the importance of customer satisfaction to an organization
  • Define customer satisfaction
  • Track and measure customer satisfaction
  • Explain the importance of delivering customer value to an organization
  • Explain the relationship between customer satisfaction and customer value
  • Discuss the concept of the value chain in an organization
  • Explain the importance of strategic alliances to maximizing the value chain
  • Explain the importance of customer retention to an organization
  • Discuss the relationship between customer satisfaction, customer value and customer retention
  • Compute the cost of a lost customer
  • Compare various ways a marketing department can be organized
  • Define what the marketing department’s relationship should be to other departments

Certification Modules 
Module 1: Marketing Management
  • Concepts, problems and opportunities in marketing within its competitive, political-legal, economic, social and global environments
  • Social responsibility and ethics
  • Marketing research
  • Consumer and business-to-business segmentation and positioning
  • Strategic marketing planning

Module 2: Consumer Behavior 
  • Analysis of consumer behavior and motivation
  • Principles of learning, personality, perception, and group influence, with emphasis upon mass communication effects

Module 3: Integrated Marketing Communication 
  • In-depth coverage of the major communication tools used in marketing such as
  • Advertising
  • Sales promotion
  • Direct marketing
  • Public relations

Module 4: Direct and Database Marketing
  • The evolving fields of database marketing
  • Learn optimal ways of developing and using a customer database to design, implement and evaluate direct, loyalty and other marketing programs

 Module 5: Marketing Research and Strategy
  • Research aids to marketing management
  • Nature of the research process
  • Planning research including problems of sampling and measurement
  • Experimental and non-experimental methods and techniques
  • Analysis of data
  • Decision-making by the marketing executive
  • Integration of all elements of the marketing program based on actual business situations

Module 6: International Marketing 
  • Integrated and comparative approach to international marketing management
  • Emphasis on the development of a competitive strategy in a global environment
  • Applications to both developing and industrialized markets

Completion of the certification program requires completion of multiple-choice examinations for both the CMP and CMM and completion of a written and oral examination for the CSMM. The examinations are prepared by a Board of Examiners consisting of a range of Certified, Sustaining, and Educator Members within the three above Institutes/Societies.
The examination locations are determined by the individual candidates and their proctors. A proctor may be an individual who is currently an active Certified Member, or a manager, supervisor, teacher, professor, or anyone of such standing. Each proctor is determined on a case-by-case basis. ACAD Corp. and ACI wish to make it possible for every qualified candidate to complete the certification program in a convenient and timely manner.
The certification consists of two modules and an 80 question multiple-choice examination prepared from the CUSTOMER SERVICE MANAGEMENT BODY OF KNOWLEDGE (CSMBOK).

 Certification Requirements 
  • Read all assignments 
  • Complete all course requirements 
  • Take CMP Certification Examination that will be provided to the participant after completion of the preparation course

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